5 Ways to get you started at Writing!

Stay at home dads are always looking for another way to cut time and maybe make some money. Being a freelance writer is a good way to work at home and make money doing it.

Starting out as a freelance writer can be overwhelming. Here are some of the tops sites that you can use to get you started. These sites can also be used if you already have a customer base and are looking to expand.

First, you need to choose what kind of work you are looking for. The two major kinds of freelance writing websites are content mills and job boards. I have to say that each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks, but, that would be an entire article. Here I will only focus on the websites that I have used or are in my over plan.

Job Boards

Job boards come in two major forms. The first is where you the writer finds work. The second is where the customer finds a writer to do their job. Either one of them can get you the work you need.

Media Bistro

Mediabistro falls into the category of a job board. You can make a free login and search over their listings. In most cases, this board is just a middle man sending you out through another link to the customer’s website to apply there.

I have used this site extensively. I have to be honest that I have generated a lot of leads from this website but, most of them did not turn into any money for me. The potential to make money is here you just have to be consistent with your efforts.  

This website is a great tool to have in your toolbox but, I would not suggest you rely on it for all your freelance job needs.


Indeed is a website that is a common household name by now. Versatility is the name of the website. You can search this job board by location.

This ability brings this website a step above others. You can search for remote jobs you can do at home or you can search for jobs in your area. Most jobs I have found on this website are not one-offs. Meaning they are monthly consistent jobs that can bring you income over the long haul. Consistent jobs and income is what every freelancer wants.

The search function on Indeed.com is the golden gem here. I can’t stress that enough. I love being able to search for the specifics that I want like income, location, and job type.


Fiverr is another household name in the world of freelancing work. I love this website because you are not limited to just writing. Fiverr has a plethora of freelancers to fill whatever job you need.

This is a website that the customer finds the writer/freelancer. You can search on here for the specific service that you need.

As a writer, you can be on here and sell yourself. Your prices for your work are readily available on the website along with your face and profile. This can mean selling your brand and business along with pleasing your customer.

Prices here start at $5 hence the name Fiverr. They are not limited to that though, it goes up from there in multiples of $5. I like this system so the freelancer can set the price for the job and the customer sees this up front. This allows you to charge what your work is worth.

Morning Coffee eNewsletter.

Morning Coffee Newsletter is a great service that brings you jobs right to your email every day. They have been in business for a good long while. They have been operating from 1997. They are no stranger to finding work for freelance writers.

The great thing about their service is a writer can find work and a customer can find the writer that they need. Bringing the writers and customers there together to work together to provide content is a recipe to make money.

Content Mills

Content mills can be steady work. Depending on what content mill you go with then you will be getting pennies on the word.

There are more content mills out there than one person could ever work for. The problem with content mills is a low pay scale. I have never got a pay scale that I thought was worth my time.

Now with that being said, you can generate solid reliable income from content mills. The best way to this is you can generally find jobs whenever you have time to sit down and write. This can turn into money for you.

Stay at home dads never have time when we want it. We have to take the time when we can get it. So, if it is only an hour or two here and there you can still use that time to make money.


Textbroker is a content mill that I have been working with for several years. I have found their assignments to be hit or miss. Sometimes they are on fire with lots of assignments to be had other times there is nothing there to write about.

Another fault I have with them is the subjects are not ideal. A lot of orders will follow the flow of news. Celebrities, products, or places are among the top topics I normally find on Textbroker. None of those are ideal for me to write about. Leaving me to search other sites to work for at those times.

They are also under a star-based rating system. The customer rates the work you do for them and then the editors at random times choose articles you have submitted and rate your work. Meaning they choose whichever ones that they want to rate.

This has become a problem for me. Although the customers rate me five stars and I get rave reviews the editors rate me much lower. I have to fight to regain my old ratings although, my customer base keeps returning and rating me top stars.

I find problems like these to be a large headache when using most content mills. Textbroker is among both the most troublesome and the most profitable that I have worked for.

In the end, making money is the goal we are all after. We would prefer to make money while sitting at home and doing what we want to do. Here are some ways that you can do that.

Here is the basic information. You decide the outcome!

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