2019 Reading Challenge. Stephen King’s Elevation. A book Review.

One thing people always complain about Stephen King’s books is that they are too long. Well, that will not be a problem with Stephen King’s Elevation. It is only 146 pages back to front. If you are a reader this is a very quick read.

If you are looking for a quick read to add to your 2019 reading Challenge list than this is definitely one. Most Stephen King books lead to an eventual and unexpected ending. This book he throws several twists in there.

Just when you think you have a grasp on what King has in store for the characters he jerks the rug out from underneath you and the book was over.

I think that is the main concern with me doing a review of this King book. It is so short. Stephen King has never been known for making short novels. He experimented with various formats like when The Green Mile was originally published.

I liked Elevation because of the length. Normal King books are just getting started by the time this book had already ended. That means Elevation progresses faster than his other novels.

There are several themes that come out in the book. The lesbian theme is the most prominent one throughout the book. I like this theme in the book because it deals with the side characters, not the main character. The interaction between them and the progression of friendship is a great story.

The subplots evolve during the course of the book. I like the evolution of the plots in this book. They change and morph from straight forward easily understood plots to there being more depth to them. It really changes this 160 pages book into one with more interest than another book this size.

As always Stephen King has a tendency to harm his main characters. This book is no exception to that rule. Although, the evolution of this process is among some of the more unexpected that I have read in his books.

Stephen King books normally have a habit of connecting to one another. It is something that every King Fan will know by heart. Elevation, as far as I can tell, stands very well on its own. It has some very similar points to stories like Thinner and several others. That should not detract from this good work.

This book is easy and no brainer. I would definitely recommend this novel to King fans and newbies to read Stephen King books.

There is the basic information. You decide the outcome!  

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