Top Five Items You Need in Your Every day Carry.

    Stay at home parents are usually the first ones that have to run around a lot. We pay bills, shop for groceries, and run the kids to school. During any of this, an emergency situation could unfold. Here is a list of what every person should have on them when they leave the house.

What is EDC?

EDC stands for Every day Carry. Plainly put this is what you have on you whenever you leave the house. Each person’s everyday carry will be different. What we carry with us is shaped and formed by our past. You learn what you need to carry on you to get through your daily activities.


Today’s modern smartphones can do a lot for us. You can prevent a lot of emergency situations just by having a phone on you. You have the ability to call 911, let your wife/husband know you are running late, or map your location to prevent you from getting lost.

Smartphones are a very useful tool in our daily life. They have so much functionality to them many solopreneurs run their entire business with nothing more than their smartphone. Adding this to the immense entertainment factors I do not think cellphones will be removed from this list anytime in the future.


Your wallet is the next most useful tool you can have, Besides the ability to carry your ids and currency with you there is so much more than you can do with it. In my EDC setup, I plan to have spare keys in my wallet.

There have been times I have lost my keys and having a house key and a car key stored in my wallet have prevented this from being the disaster that it was.

Carry cash. This sounds like it would be a no brainer. In the day and age of debit and credit cards, people do not always carry cash. You should. There are times that credit and debit cards might not work. It could be a matter of the networks being down and the stores not able to process them. I have had many times that my debit card just took that moment to stop working.

You could be in need of fuel for your car, groceries for your children, or a coffee to start your day. Any of these can dictate a personal emergency. I know if I do not have coffee in the morning that it is an emergency.


Here is where people start to have large differences in their EDC setups. Knife and weapon laws change all of the time. You should always check your local laws before you make any decision.

I choose to carry a knife on me at all times of the day. Since I am a stay at home dad I do not go anywhere that would prevent me from carrying my knives on me.

My day can easily go from taking kids to school one minute to hiking and spending time in the woods the next. I live in a small town that does not have any strict laws concerning knives. A knife is a tool. Opening mail, cutting up lunch, or carving projects in the woods are just some of the things that I do from day to day with my knives.

Size and shape are something that every person has to decide. Personally, I carry a Cold Steel Finnwolf, and a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Those are the two that have been my daily carries for the last couple of months. They both have proven themselves to be easy to sharpen, reliable, and a good size to carry.

Lighter/ Means of making Fire.

I always carry a means of making fire on my person. Most of the time it is nothing more complicated than a Bic lighter. They are cheap and extremely reliable. If you smoke then you normally have a means of making fire on you.

A fire has so many uses in a survival situation that it is the first thing you should be carrying with you. Carrying a means of making fire will save you so much time and effort if you do ever find yourself in the position of having to make a fire for survival.

A lighter has many uses for EDC as well. For me, those uses are things like burning the ends of paracord, lighting fires, and lighting my cigarettes. Yes, I smoke. Yes, I know it is bad.


Keys are my second most used item. We use them every day to start our cars, lock and unlock our houses, and even access our places of work but, there is so much more than your keys and keychain can do for you.

One thing I have carried on my keys for years is my flashlight. I use it nearly daily to look around in dark areas. Those that live in cities where there are lights everywhere all times of the day and night, having a flashlight might not be the first thing that you reach for. Me I live where it gets dark at night as do a lot of people. If I am outside at night than I have a light on me just to be on the safe side.

Here are just the tops five things that I have in my everyday carry. This is not the only items I carry but, here are the top items I insist on having with me.

Here is the basic information. You decide the outcome!

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