Going Home 2019 reading challenge book review

Going Home by Chris Weatherman aka, Angery American is a typical dystopian survival book. The author has a lot of experience in the area of survival and preparedness.  He is also a member of the Survival Dispatch Insider. Along with the other members he produces articles and videos about the same topics that are covered in this book.

Going Home is your typical dystopian novel. It follows the travels of the main character Morgan Carter and his journey to make it back home after the United States is hit by an unknown EMP type weapon. As a work of fiction, this novel excels.

Chris Weatherman Aka. Angery American is well known in the survival community. Although, not well known as the author of the “Home” novels. He was a cast member on Alone season 1. Chris Weatherman also has a lot of outdoor knowledge.

All of these factors come together to make Going Home a great novel. Morgan Carter is portrayed as a prepper. He has sacrificed much in his life to give him and his family an advantage when the apocalypse finally comes.

Many times in this novel Morgan’s knowledge is brought out right at the key time. This is where reality meets fiction. Throughout the book and the rest of the series, Morgan’s knowledge is referred to as “He Read a lot.” This is a dangerous concept to get into. I think it portrays a lazy person that has not put much into action.

I do not think that the writer meant for it to be this way. Morgan was a prepared person and was meant to be portrayed as such. Only the convenience of  Morgan’s book knowledge comes out at the most opportune moments. This is all just a way of writing fixes into the book for the most common of problems that would happen when you have an entire grid down scenario.  

Morgan just happens to meet all of the right people. In this book, Morgan is the luckiest guy left on the face of the earth. No matter where he goes and what route he decides to take to get home he comes across the most conveniently placed characters. Morgan runs into his share of bad guys as well but, to me the amount to good guy type people that he runs into is fantasy.  

Preppers for everyone. The reality of a situation like this is you would not meet half as many preppers as Morgan Carter does on a walk home. Morgan meets them conveniently placed around every corner in the story. Any time a downturn in the story happens Morgan meets a fellow prepper, not always going by the name prepper, to turn the events around for him.  

There is a lot to learn from this book but, sadly it is mostly about what to buy. As with most of the prepper world and the “Survival” genre, in general, it all comes down to what you need to buy. Those holy grails you need to purchase to keep you and your family alive no matter what comes your way. There are very few survival related skills portrayed in this book that would garner scrutiny.

Likable characters in this book abound. Interactions between the main characters in this book are what make the entire thing worth reading. Humor and comedy abound this dark novel. Humor both dark and light are what keep me coming back to his novel and The writer’s other works. Survival tidbits are good too but, in reality, they are outnumbered by the comedy placed throughout this book.  

As a reader, I think Going Home is well worth the time it takes to read it. There is enough information there to keep you learning. If you have no idea what a bug out, or a get home scenario would look like or what you need to have prepared Going Home is definitely for you. The sheer number of likable characters and comedy placed around the book make it worth continuing reading.

Going Home is not a survival how-to manual. Nor do I think that it is a realistic representation of actual events that would unfold. Some of most of the events could happen in reality but, the sheer number of strategically placed preppers and kind natured people placed in the path of Morgan would never happen. Does that make the novel bad? No. Not at all. I think it makes the novel a work of fiction well worth a read through.

There is the basic information. You decide the outcome.  

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