Survival Series Part Two: Water Continued.

Top 10 Ways to Purify Water in an Emergency.

Just like in part one of the survival series we discussed how important water is to the continued survival of you and your family. Having clean drinking water is paramount to their survival. There are many ways that you can purify water but, none of them are better than being prepared. Having the proper items with you and your family to insure their survival. Here are the top ten ways to purify water.

  1. Straw type water filters. There are many types of straw type water filters on the market today. Many of them function nearly identical. They are made to drink primarily from dirty water sources. This is not ideal but, laying in the mud and drinking from a dirty water source is a better idea then drinking from a dirty water source and getting sick. Lifestraw is one of the best brands on the market in this regard. Most filters of this type can b used to get clean drinking water almost anywhere in the world.
  2. Pump and Drip style filters. These type of water filters are plentiful on the market today. Sawyer is one of the premiere brands in this style. It uses a dirty water bag to push water through the filter and filter it. The only way thing that you need to worry about is what the filter will filter out. Not all of them will filter everything out. Viruses and other things like that might need a charcoal based filter to remove them. The different filters on the market are similar but, each one of them have differences in their function. Be sure you read the paperwork that comes with the water filters they can detail the specifics of their function.
  3. Chemical. Many companies make chemical water purification. It is one of the easiest ways to purify water. Each one of them is slightly different and take different times to work. They all also use different chemicals to purify the water but, in general they all work the same and are safe enough to be used in almost any situation.
  4. Household chemicals. This is a makeshift function of what the chemicals are supposed to be used for. Bleach and Iodine are the two most popular chemicals that that most households keep and yet they can both perform the function of water purification. It is important to know that exact amount of of the chemicals you need to add to your water to purify it. If you do not add the proper amounts to the correct amount of water you can make yourself sick or hurt. Do your research and practice this before you have to rely on it for the survival of you and your family.
  5. Self made and DIY water filters. There is several methods that you can use if you get stuck without a way to purify your water. Most of the planet is covered one way or the other with trash. A lot of times you can find plastic bottles. These can easily be use to help you purify water in a pinch. There are so many designs that it is worthy of an entire article all by itself. Some of the types of makeshift water filters are making a charcoal water filter, or a metal can to boil water in.
  6. Boiling water.  This is the easiest way to purify water. You can use any metal container to bring the dirty water to a boil making it safe to drink. You will need to bring it to a rolling boil and keep it there for 3 to 10 minutes. It is all depending on your elevation. Water boils at different temperatures at the different elevations. You need to research this and commit it to memory.
  7. Distillation.  This is a solid method of making safe drinking water. You can use this method to make even salt water safe to drink. It is even the prefered method to make extremely dirty water safe to drink. Between this method and boiling water you will need a method of making fire and a solid metal pot to boil water in. Distilling water takes more than that. You will need to have some sort of copper tubing and two containers, one to boil water in and another to catch the clean water in.
  8. SODIS. Solar Water Disinfection. Using the sun you can get the water purified simply by allowing the sun to purify it. UV rays will purify dirty water but, this is not a fast process. It can take up to and entire days sunlight before the water is safe to drink.
  9. Solar distillation can also be used to get water out of plants simply by placing a plastic sheeting and or plastic bags over green foliage. This method is harder to perform because it will not produce enough to keep you alive. Anything is better than nothing. You can also dig a pit in the ground and perform this same thing.
  10. Natural Resources. If you have not resources to boil, filter, or purify water then your only choice is to rely on natural sources of water. There is always a chance that drinking water from a natural source that you will still get sick. The choice that you have to make is do you want to die in 3 days from dehydration or possibly get sick in 7 to 14 days.  There are other methods that you can use like collecting dew first thing in the morning. Using a sponge or rag you can collect it off of the ground and plant material and ring it directly into your container or your mouth. The easiest method is to collect rain, snow, sleet, or ice. Most of these sources are sure to be clean drinking water. Depending on the time of the year and where you are several of these might still be open to you.

Water is the most important resource that you will need. You can only survive of 3 days without water. Have a plan and put it into place. Carry water with you. Have a means to collect and purify more.

Here is the basic information. You decide the outcome.

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