“One Second After” By William Forstchen. A 2019 Reading Challenge Book Review.

“One Second After by William R. Forstchen” is a quintessential book when it comes to dystopian fiction. It is held in very high regard in most prepper circles. It has even been referenced on the floor of the United States Congress itself.

It follows the life of John Matherson a professor, father, and former military person that lives in Black Mountain, NC. One Second After, being a dystopian fiction, is completely lackluster if you are looking for an action and adventure novel. What it does have in great abundance are characters.

Forstchen has expertly blended together whole characters that pop out of the book and come to life all on their own. John  Matherson being the subject of the book comes to life. Forstchen really does a good job of writing a believable character. I think if you look at the author of this book it becomes clear where the main character comes from. Looking through Forstchen’s page on Goodreads it reads like a profile to the main character.

Many authors write specifically on what they know. That means many of the settings, characters, and events are plucked out of the author’s brain instead of their imagination. Forstchen had accomplished that easily here. Black Mountain, NC is a nice mountain town that is nestled in the Appalachian mountains.

The story follows Matherson as the United States of America is attacked by an electromagnetic pulse. Taking the modern superpower back over 100 years in its development. No electricity most modern cars did not work, and people beginning to starve to death is among the themes that are present in this book.

Complete grid failure is exactly what would happen when and if a disaster of this magnitude were to hit the USA. This is not the first of its kind but, I do think it is one of the best. There are several on the market on in various forms that follow this same formula. I think it is a solid formula and for that fact it does work.

Forstchen made up for the lack of action in this book for the development of the characters. Not only do the main characters of the book have fully developed characters, plots, and events but, even the secondary characters have fully developed senses about them.

Drama runs rampant in this novel. I think that is a good thing. If it wasn’t for that then there would not be a lot to read. It is easily written into a series of novels. I only mention this because the book itself is a complete story. There is nothing left hanging that forces you to read the next book just to get the story. You can be happy and satisfied just by reading this book. What keeps us readers coming back for the next book is the characters themselves. It is the development between them and among the outside world that makes us want to hear the rest of the story.

Dystopian fiction is always about taking the world of some part of the world that we live in and creating a version of it that none of us would ever want to be a part of. This novel is absolutely among that category.

If you have not read this novel I highly recommend picking it up and giving it a try!

Here is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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