Every Day Carry Basics. (EDC)

Everyday Carry, or EDC for short is simply whatever you carry on you on a daily basis. This can be any number of items. It all depends on what kind of job you have, where you work, and where you live.

For example a big game hunter is going to have a decidedly different EDC than a stock broker living in New York. There is a medium between both sides of them. A level of preparedness that will allow you to handle everyday situations and still be prepared when an emergency situation sprouts up in your daily life.

My current front pocket wallet. I carry it in my left front pocket. I also carry a field notes size traveler’s notebook with a Pilot Petit 1 and a Zebra F-301 compact.


This item sounds like one that does not need to be said but, in this day and age there are a ton of people that leave the house and do not carry one with them. Your wallet has your identification in it. That fact alone should make you want to carry it. There is other items that can easily be store in your wallet and will help you out both in your daily life and if an unexpected emergency pops up.

  1. Cash. Carrying cash on you used to be the primary means of procuring goods and services. In today’s market though, you could go days without ever needing to touch a single note. Power otuages, internet blackouts, and banking mishaps are just a few of the reasons that you need to carry cash with you.
  2. Medical supplies. A wallet is not large enough to fit a lot of medical supplies but, you can start carrying some band aids and triple antibiotic ointment. As stay at home dads we are constantly with are kids and kids will always get cuts and scrapes. No matter how minor they are a band aid will always make it all better.
  3. SD Card. This is an item that can go either way. It can come in useful if you need to carry documents, pictures or files that you need to give or get from someone. You can also encrypt it and store personal information in it. Copies of your banking and passport information, and insurance and medical history. If you choose to do this make sure that you have the information encrypted and secured. Also do not tell anyone where it is or that you even have it.
  4. 1 Liter Whirlpak water bags and Aquatabs. These are two items that will not make much of a difference in your day to day life but, if you were to find yourself in survival situation it gives you the means to transport and purify water. The only limit here is how much space you want to take up. Where I live lakes and rivers are everywhere. I carry a single 1 liter whirl pak bag and 8 aquatabs. If I were going to a desert environment I would up the number of bags to 6 and double the number of aquatabs. Environment is the key here. Keep in mind that a normal human needs around 1-2 liters of water a day to survive.

These three live on my wrists. A generic analog watch with a leather bracelet and a para cord bracelet with fire buckle.

Watch. In the day and age of cell phones wearing a watch as become a thing of the past. The only people that choose to wear one are those that collect them unless it is a smart watch. Which I do not count because they run out of batteries to quickly.  Wearing a analog watch though will give you the ability to tell time even if the battery on your cell phone dies and it can give you a lot of help if you ever find yourself lost.

I war a analog watch daily. On the band I also carry a suunto Clipper compass. This gives me the ability to tell general direction with the analog watch face itself and also with the compass that I carry on its band.

This is the standard key I carry. A Generic key organizer and a night core tube.

Keys.  Most people carry keys with them but, as new technology surfaces I have to point out that keys are the perfect place to stash some extra survival gear with you.

Keys are useful enough by themselves that they warrant carrying them. I even stash keys in my wallet just in case my main keys are lost somewhere. I also carry a flashlight on my keychain for those times when you forgot to leave a light on and you need to open your front door. Other items that come in handy are a ferro rod and a peanut lighter. They might not be useful everyday but, in a survival situation it is better to have it.

These are the lights I generally choose from. All of them are either rechargeable or AA/AAA size batteries.

Flashlight. I carry a flashlight on me whenever I leave the house. You never know when you will find yourself in a darkened room or out at night and you will need to light your way. I choose the nightcore tube to carry on my key chain. I also carry a larger light in my pocket. This light alternates between several different ones.

I suggest carrying something that is USB rechargeable or that has a common battery size. AA or AAA are the most common batteries. CR123 and 18650’s can give you a brighter light but, if you find yourself out and need to procure replacement batteries then you might find it harder to buy them then to buy AA or AAA batteries.

Cold Steel Finn Wolf and a Leatherman Surge.

Blade/Multi Tool. The knife or blade is one of the oldest tools known to man. We have had it since we were walking around in packs and hunting animals for food. Granted there is not much cause for hunting animals with a pocket knife but, a pocket knife or multi tool can make it a lot easier to perform a lot of daily tasks with ease. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation a knife or a multi tool will be your best friend.

Both the camouflage bandanna and the orange rag I carry daily. Life gets messy.

Bandanna. A good bandanna is almost as useful as any other item here. You can use it for any task in your daily life from wiping sweat off your forehead to cleaning up a cut. There are hundreds of uses for this item and it has earned a permanent place in my pocket.

Options for carrying fire with you at all times. A Bic lighter, EDC gear match case, and a Key Chain Ferro rod.

Lighter. A good Bic lighter or zippo is well worth the space they take up. Unless you smoke this is a item that you might to have a lot of use for in your daily life but, its uses abound in a survival situation. A ferro rod could be carried instead of a lighter but, I like the idea of ready flame instead of needing a properly prepared tinder bundle to produce a flame.

This is only a partial list of the items that you can carry on a daily basis. These make up the core of my EDC. I add and subtract to this list daily. I all depends on where I am going or what I will be doing.

Here is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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