One Hour Content Plan. A 2019 reading challenge book review.

One Hour Content Plan. The solopreneurs guide to a years worth of blog post ideas in 60 minutes and creating content that sells and hooks.” By Meera Kothand is a great resource for any writer that is trying to build a blog following, create your own content, or are trying to sell their own brand. It was a quick day read for me. I enjoy when the author creates content that is easily understood and does not takes days to understand.

Another big draw of this book was the re-readability. Being a book that is trying to guide you on a specific purpose it makes reading it easier when you can read it for a second time or reference the specific points in it. This book accomplishes that easily.

Kothand generates this readability by pairing the content with a set of worksheets. It is a free download when you purchase the book. I like this feature of ebooks. It makes it easier to follow through the material when the author gives you handy worksheets to work on while you are reading.

Kothand starts out by going over her concept of a “content GPS”. In general this is the center point of her entire system. Following steps along with her worksheets will easily generate ideas for you writing. I like this system for newer writers. It is not only a path to generate material and content ideas, it is a pathway to your entire business. Combining whatever your brand is trying to sell with the content that you are putting out is the pathway that Kothand is taking  you on.

Meaning that your content generation is all geared toward your long term business goals. The material also helps you to identify what those long term business goals are and what your target audience is. All of these factors are pivotal to creating content that not only portrays your brand but, takes your business in the direction that you want it to go.

Once you have those pathways laid out I like it that Kothand takes the next step. She begins to give out resources and website ideas for both the promotion of your business and the solid generation of content ideas. Kothand goes even further in the book and helps you with list growth and promoting your brand that way. This takes a simple idea of content generation and makes it a entire package of business leads.

Kothand could have stopped at this point and the goal of her book would have been achieved. She took it a step further and went into helping you manage your editorial calendar. I know this does not sound like a huge deal to most folks but, to the authors and writers out there help with this part of the writing process is a huge key to success.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone that is wanting to start a new business or grow their existing one. The biggest thing to remember is keeping an open mind. When you read a book of this style keep in mind to take what will improve your situation and leave the bits and pieces that will hinder you. This is definitely a book I recommend you keeping a notebook and pen handy while you are reading it if for nothing else then to jot down the web addresses of resources she mentions in it.

There is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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