Surviving Home. A 2019 reading challenge book review.

Number 2 in the Survivalist Series.

“Surviving Home” is the second novel in a series written by Chris Weatherman. It further tracks the adventures of Morgan and his struggle to survive after an EMP type weapon is detonated over the USA.

You get a whole better view of Morgan’s world in this book. The journey home in book 1 did not even scratch the surface of what his world was. Morgan’s world is a small neighborhood where he and his family live.

As he is back home and around his family, the relationship dynamics are somewhat different. He is in protective mode trying to keep his family safe unlike the majority of the first book he is in survival mode just trying to get home. That changes in because Morgan has a central point that he is trying to fortify and defend. Matters are complicated further because he doesn’t always know who is a friend and who is the enemy.

People in the neighborhood are not always friendly and welcoming toward him. Where they have enough manpower and resources that the neighborhood could survive together but, no one in the neighborhood could work together.

A lot of other things happen in this novel. Differences between the neighbors and threats from the outside world make a problem for Morgan and his little world.

Morgan and his family prepared before the event. Speaking of hardships and going without when to prepare for the coming apocalypse. This comes into great need here in this novel. Only thing is it appears that Morgan’s family was not as ready. They were at home and safe but, dove in heavily to their food supplies before Morgan got home.

I have to say I do not like Morgan’s wife Mel. Although she is a good character she comes off like a pain in the ass. No matter what Morgan does she rides his ass. Worse than would normally happen. This novel and the next ones are even worse. I guess this is the way that the author intended it.

Speaking of the author there is a touch of him in these novels. They say every writer writes about what they know. Meaning settings, people, and events are usually near to the real people that they are thinking about when they are writing. Many other writers do this. “One second after” does this.

I guess there are characters in every novel that we do not see eye to eye with. I understand that but, you would think an entire family that has been prepping for that long would be all on the same page. Not that they would be bucking and whining about where he is and what he is doing.

In the end, I think this is a great novel to read. It is a very quick read. You get more insight into Morgan’s world and the knowledge that is in his head.

Here is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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