My Personal April 2019 Everyday Carry.

Everyday carry is a very personalized decision for anyone. Every person has to make decisions based on what you need daily and how many items you would like to carry. My EDC is spread between my on-body carry and a haversack that stays with me.

My philosophy keeps items that I use more often on my body or in my pockets and items that I still need daily but, are to big to pocket carry in my bag.


Generic Watch with Compass on the watch band.

Paracord bracelet with firesteel buckle.

Leather Thong Bracelet.

I keep items on my wrists very simple. On my left wrist is a generic watch with a compass on the watch band. This allows me to tell the time without needing my phone. The compass comes in handy checking general direction when I am exploring a familiar area but, I need to double check where I am. It is not detailed enough for exact land navigation but, it can help you keep your bearing when nothing else is around.

The two bracelets I wear on my right wrist. The leather bracelet has no other function other than I like it. The paracord bracelet has more functions than I can count right here. Along with the firesteel in the buckle, I have an emergency firestarter along with the paracord.


Dickies ball cap.

Zebra f 301 compact

Generic clip on sunglasses.

If I am awake then I have my hat on my head. That’s just a plain fact. I carry two things with my hat. My zebra pen is always in the pocket built into my hat. The sunglasses are always clipped to the brim of my hat. Yes, I know clip-on sunglasses went out of style, where they ever in style? but they are cheap and easy to find. If I lose them it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to replace them.

Left Front Pocket.

Wallet with cash and cards, driver’s license, spare house and carry keys, knife with a Ferro rod, tinder, nail file,

Coast G20 Inspection light / tactical pen.

In my left front pocket stays my DIY front pocket wallet. I keep the normal items for everyday use and then I also keep items that I do not use every day but, would be important enough in a survival situation to warrant carrying them.

The flashlight I do not carry daily. This is a 2AAA flashlight. Easily bought at Walmart or Amazon. I only carry this one when the need arises. When I am not carrying the flashlight when I am carrying a tactical pen in its place. I write daily so having multiple pens on me only makes sense. The pen can also be used as a last-ditch weapon if the desperate need is present.

Right Front Pocket.

Cold steel Finn wolf. Or a Leatherman Surge.

Maglite Solitaire with paracord fob.

Victorinox Evolution 11 Swiss Army Knife

Generic small multitool.

DIY leather pocket organizer.

All of these items are the tools that I have been carrying every day. I do switch between carrying the Finnwolf and the Surge. When one is in my pocket the other tool is in my haversack. I also keep the bit kit and extra saw blades for the surge in my haversack.

I use the Victorinox when I am in public and I need a smaller blade to not surprise other people. I found keeping the small multi-tool is highly useful. There are times that I need pliers and such for small tasks that the surge is too big for. Having a smaller multi-tool is great because it is light and small enough to carry and not be obtrusive.

The Maglite I love because it is small and lightweight. The battery life is not that great. It will normally only run for an hour or two but, for simple daily use, it is just fine for me. I do have the G20 when I need to carry a flashlight that is brighter and has longer battery life.

Right back pocket.

Leather traveler’s notebook in field notes size with survival cards, small medical kit, Aquatabs,

My notebook never leaves my side. It has three inserts. One is a book review journal. The second is a calendar for tracking activities and jobs that need to be done. The third is my survival journal. I only use it for tracking survival projects and recipes.

Inside a clear organizer, I keep a few bandaids and some aquatabs. These are strictly for an emergency situation. The survival and navigation cards are also here.

Left-back Pocket.

2 bandannas

There are too many uses of these for me to list here. That is the reason I choose to carry two of them instead of just one.

Waist and Belt.

Keys on a carabiner with a nightcore tube.

The reasons for these two items speak for themselves. I carry them on a carabiner that is also rated up to 110 pounds. It is not climbing rated but, stronger than the generic ones.

Off body carry.

My off body carry is with a Hidden woodsman Haversack. Anything that I think I might need I stick in here and bring with me. I also have two travelers notebooks in the standard size that live in here because I use them daily. There are other smaller items in the bag as well but, most of them get switched out depending on what I need that day.

This is a complete breakdown of what I carry on me. I do have other items that I switch out and even a larger EDC backpack that I carry instead of my haversack if I traveling more than an hour away from home. Each level of my EDC has its own purposes. Stay tuned for the rest of my survival series to break down my levels of bags and what their uses are.

There is the basic Information, You decide the outcome.

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