Geocache for some family fun.

If you are looking for a fun-filled activity that is well suited for you and your family, then you might want to look into geocaching. Geocaching is an outdoor activity where you hunt down hidden treasure using your smartphone.

Let’s face it all of us carry around a cell phone, and that is all you need to to start hunting for caches in your area. You get the GPS coordinates to the location where the cache is, and you use your GPS enabled device or phone to locate that position.

Once you have found where the cache is the geocaching app will give you hints and a puzzle. Once you solve them, you can figure out the cache’s location. It is not hard at all. Some of the caches can be well hidden, and these tend to be the ones where the person has left enough clues to locating it.

I love getting out and doing this with my family. It can cost as little or as much as you want it. Physically geocaching does not cost anything to do. You can run into other assorted costs though. All that searching for hidden treasure will make you very hungry.

Another cost to geocaching is its website and app. If you upgrade to the paid service level, then you get access to higher level caches. These are caches that are harder to get to or harder to find. You do not need to pay this service though unless you want to. The basic free service they offer is plenty enough to get out there and have hours of fun.

Geocaching is a very family-centric activity. You could also get a group of friends together and have a blast hunting down geocaches. Depending on the difficulty level of the cache you try and reveal is the only limit to how hard or easy you can make it.

You can get a lot of exercise hunting down geocaches. Many caches are out on hiking trails, along with beautiful vistas, and hidden in parks. Those remote caches can give you a work out just trying to get to them.

If something is limiting your abilities, many caches are located in and around major cities. Easy access allows you to lower the level of physical stress to your body if that is a concern. Reasons like this are why geocaching is really for the entire family.

Many people make it a challenge to hunt down one, two, or more caches anytime they are out on a drive. It might not be on your daily commute but, when you have to travel to another city and maybe you can spare an hour or two to hunt down as many geocaches as you can find.

Many people like to break it down into cities and counties around the world. It makes it an excellent long term game that you can use to challenge yourself. You want to see how many different places that you can get checked off.

There is the Basic Information, You decide the outcome!

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