“Escaping Home” 2019 Reading Challenge Book Review.

“Escaping Home.” is the third installment of the Survivalist series written by Chris Weatherman. This is the continuing story of Morgan and his “family” trying to survive after an EMP type event has crippled the rest of the USA.

The book opens up as Morgan, and his band of fighters and family members return from scoping out the camp that the Department of Homeland Security has set up in. They discover at the end of the last book and talk about it at the beginning of this book that the camp is basically a slave camp.

This book sees the return of a familiar character Jess. Jess is the young girl that Morgan helped to get home after she messed up and shot him in the head. She is in the DHS camp. In the DHS camp, we also find out that there is a lot of bad things happening to the people they are supposed to helping.

That is the premise of the rest of the book. Morgan and his people by the end of this book must flee their home and seek the safety of some remote cabins. This is when some of the characters like Sarge and his military people that follow him leave to plan the assault on the DHS camp. That is a significant turning point in the plot. The band of fighters finally taking the offensive instead of just reacting to threats as they present them.

Other than some minor times in the past books where Sarge and his highly trained band of teenage acting soldiers have taken out threats. Hunting groups down to eliminate risks where they live versus waiting for the threats to come to find you again.

Having these characters break away from the leading group is very depressing because these characters are the comedy in this book. In this entire series, past stories have relied heavily on the moments of comedy to keep the reader’s attention. There are no big mysteries to solve or hidden plots to figure out so, this book relies heavily on the comedy to continue you reading. None of this is a bad thing. The plot easily stands by itself with the author throwing enough surprises at you in key cliffhanging moments to want you to return to read.

Sometimes I think specific plots points could be skipped to advance the story along faster but, Weatherman has done a great job painting each character. Even the side characters that do not have a large part to the story Weatherman quickly paints a full picture about them.

In the end, “Escaping Home.” is an excellent addition to the story. As a reader, I am very critical about the author’s role in painting a full story. Weatherman uses lots of cliffhanger style endings to lure his readers back for more. Sometimes I would rather see a thorough and completed storyline and allow the book to stand on it on merit more than relying on each book in the series to build together. This is not a significant breaking point for me though, because this book is well written.

There is the basic information, You decide the outcome.

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