“Sleeping Beauties” A 2019 reading Challenge Book Review.

“Sleeping Beauties” is a novel written by Stephen King and Owen King. I have to say from the start of this article that I was not going to review this book, the reasons why to come later. The news came to my attention that AMC has made a “pilot script commitment” on this novel. Owen King is set to write the script. This news was all reported by Mike Fleming jr over at Deadline. Now, with all of that out of the way we can get down to business.

What did I think of sleeping beauties?

To answer that question I need to tell you a few things. I am an avid Stephen King fan. I have been reading his novels since I was in middle school. Yes, the teachers were shocked when I could understand Stephen King at that young of an age. I have journeyed to the tower more than 8 times. I do not know what it is about his writing that I have always loved but, I have.

“Sleeping Beauties” to me was a tough read. The story was fascinating overall. The delivery overall was to slow. Not enough happening towards the beginning and middle of the book to barely keep my attention.

The middle to end of the book picks up a bit, and I found it much easier to continue. I think the story was very well thought out but, the book itself was too long for the story. Character plots that drug out for chapters on end when it was boring to start. The main focus of the story drug out far too long until something exciting happened to catch my attention.

“Sleeping Beauties” is all about a small town whose principal employer is a women’s prison. Now, the main action of the story is a mysterious illness that befalls women. Women everywhere fall asleep and do not wake up. The illness cocoons the women in a covering of spider-like fibers. If these fibers are disturbed in any way, the women act out violently. Killing and hurting at will like savage animals.

The women themselves are some dreamland or alternate dimension? Which you do not find out about until rather late in the novel. Plots points like this would be better revealed earlier to catch the reader’s attention.  

In the end, the main focus is saving the women and keeping Eve, The only “Woman” not affected by this plague. Eve herself is the cause of it all and the only person that can save the women. Other men still alive try to kill her when a huge battle breaks out at the women’s prison.

Overall I think it was a decent book. It is not a book I would dare to try and slog through again but, here is hoping that AMC can make it a better series than the book is.

There is the basic information, You decide the outcome.

2 thoughts on ““Sleeping Beauties” A 2019 reading Challenge Book Review.

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    1. Thank you! Writing is just something that you should do everyday. As far as mediums go, you have to make that choice. I chose the paid versions. In my opinion it gives you access to more tools and options. Don’t let things overwhelm you just grab your niche and keep on writing.

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