What’s In Your Dad Bag!

Here at the Stay At Home Dad’s blog, we have been discussing the basics of building and maintaining an everyday carry system. We have discussed what you should carry on your body and in an EDC bag. Now we need to get down to a typical day/ multi-day loadout.

This is meant to be a survival kit, although, some of the items here can be used for both. This is a Dads bag. I keep mine in a backpack. This is a bag that I only carry with my family and me if we decide to go out for the day. Situations like a weekend away, out for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or when we go on our explorer missions.

Backpack/Bag Options:

This is a decision that is entirely up to you and what you like to carry. I choose a regular backpack. The reasoning is if I do end up needing to hike or transport it on foot then it makes like that much easier for me. It also pairs well with my everyday carry bag which is a Hidden Woodsman Haversack. Together they do not weigh a lot, and I could carry both of them even if I were forced to go on foot.

Choose the bag that is right for you!

Power Bank/Batteries/Energy

This category open-ended. In my case, I carry a USB power bank that can charge any of our cell phones. This can be a lifesaver if one of the children’s cell phones die and needs to be recharged.

I also have a kit with spare batteries for the flashlights I carry and any other electronics that are coming along. I keep a spare 12v-5v USB charger if the one in the car stops working. These items along with extra charging cords should keep us in power while we are out driving and exploring the country.

My family loves to take pictures so, a lot of the time power is needed to recharge our cell phones and a camera for that purpose.


Here is where I carry items that can keep my children occupied. Sometimes the drive becomes longer than they would like it to be and taking things that will keep their attention is the key to not going crazy while driving.

Books. My family likes to read, and I make sure that each of their cell phones had multiple ebooks on them. The same app also allows my children access to their music.

Headphones. If they have access to their music, they need a method of listening to it without bugging everyone. My children usually carry their own headphones but, I keep one or two extra pairs in my bag. They are typically cheap pairs of headphones from somewhere like Dollar Tree. They are not the best quality, and that gives my children more incentive to carry their own.

Other items could include a tablet with preloaded games and ebooks. Just make sure the games do not need the internet to function.

Food and Beverage

I do not always carry food and water in this particular kit. When we are planning to be out for the entire day, I do take snack items and things of that nature. One thing I always carry it water. We store a case of it in our vehicle all of the time. I will tend to take a few of the beverage powders that will give the kids some flavor in their water.

Snack items are perfect for a bag like this. Cliff bars, granola bars, jerky, and Slim Jims are among the things that my family likes. Naturally, carry the items that your family wants to snack on. Make sure the snack items are not messy and store well in a backpack.

Medical Kit.

This is not a first aid kit. This is a kit that would handle small things like stomach issues, headaches, and bug bites. Typical boo boo level problems that become huge issues when they deal with your children.

Some items that you might want to include are:

  • Pain relievers. Carry whatever your family regularly uses.
  • Benadryl. This serves many purposes and should warrant a place in your kit.
  • Stomach medicine. I say this in a general way because there are several different medicines in several various forms. You have to decide what to carry for you and your family.
  • Soap/Hand Sanitizer/ Wet wipes.

First Aid Kit.

This should be separate from the medical kit. This kit requires you to carry items for severe bleeding and breaks. Issues and problems that need immediate attention. These are items that if not applied could lead to a loss of life.

Umbrella and Rain Gear.

Keep an eye on the weather. When we carry cell phones in our EDC there is no excuse for a rain shower to surprise you but, if it does, then you will need something to handle it all. You can make these as cheap or expensive as your budget permits. Being wet is miserable. Keeping you and your children dry is another key to happiness.

Small Survival Kit.

I choose to always have a small survival kit on me. I still want items that are multipurpose and can handle jobs outside of a survival situation.

Here are some items to think about:

  • Knife and Multitool. Yes, these items are supposed to be in your  EDC already but, backups are always a great thing.
  • Lighter, Matches, Tinder. Having the means to make a fire in a survival situation is always important. These items also come in handy when trying to get a stubborn grill fired up on a beautiful summer picnic. There are too many uses for items like these to not carry them, and they do not weigh a lot.
  • Map and Compass. You can’t always rely on a cell phone to have a signal when you need it. Carry a paper map and compass and get training in knowing how to use them. It could mean the difference between a survival situation and just getting lost.
  • Duct Tape/ Repair kit. Again this is an item that does not weigh a lot and has so many uses not to carry it. The repair kit can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be.
  • Flashlight/ Batteries. Having the ability to see what you need to see and when you need to see it is very important. This would be a backup to your normal EDC, and in the event, you need to use them it can be handed out to your wife and kids.
  • Emergency Blanket.  Warmth.
  • Water Purification/Filtration. Acquiring clean drinking water.

This is just some of the items that get rotated around my Dad bag. It is not to be confused with my EDC bag. This is a bag I only carry and take with me when my family and I are going to be away from the house most or all of the day. It has enough items and support to last my family for 12-24 hours of exploring our area but, has capability long after 24 hours.

There is the basic Information, You Decide the Outcome!

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