Hiking Trip Load Out.

I thought I would give you a short look at my hiking load out today. This load out is based on my hidden woodsman haversack. I take out a few items and add in a few others.

Here is my loadout.

  • Hidden Woodsman Haversack.
  • The Fire Pack. 3in1 fire starter Matches, ferro rod, button light, and magnifier.
  • Base plate compass with mirror, whistle, and flagging tape.
  • Traveler’s Notebook  with area maps.
  • Kleen Kanteen 40 ounce.
  • Sawyer Squeeze with 1 liter water bag.
  • Zippo Emergency Fire Kit.
  • Buck 450c Bucklite
  • EDC kit with bug spray, lotion, pain meds, nail file, nail clippers, repair kit, 1 liter whirl pak water bag, vaseline, and waxed jute tinder.
  • Shemagh

All I takeout is one of the two travelers notebooks I usually carry, fountain pens, and a pair of gloves.


My haversack allows me to adapt to whatever I am doing that day. For instance, I normally carry a water bottle with me but, on a hike I carry more water and a bigger water filter. I also switch out the plastic nalgene bottle I normally carry for stainless steel. This makes the bag very portable and very useful. If i am out there longer than I have expected to be I can easily filter water to replace what I am drinking.

Normally I would also carry some easy to eat food sources with me but, I am in the process of trying to lose weight not gain any back.

The fire sources are always in my haversack. They do not take up much room or weight and I insist on carrying them. The usefulness of them is to great to leave them at home.

The Buck 450c weighs next to nothing and is a very capable backup knife. If it had a pocket clip then it would be my main folding knife. Today it is serving duty as my haversack knife.

Shelter is not a main concern for me in my environment. I will admit that I should have been carrying my poncho but, for this load out I was not going to need it and I wanted my haversack lightweight.

I hope you enjoyed this and as always,

There is your basic Information, You decide the outcome!

2 thoughts on “Hiking Trip Load Out.

  1. Hi Josh, I am now following your blog.
    Regarding weight loss, I have two friends on YT who have had greast success losing some pounds, one is from your part of the world ”PHAT Outdoors” and a Filipino outdoorsman living in Hong Kong ”Filipino Mountaineers Society” … it’s great that both of them are outdoorsmen so you could get advice on what to take for daytrips and camps.

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