How to Build Your Own Survival Manual

Survival is all about knowledge. The more experience you have, the fewer items that you usually need. Knowledge is something that you have to collect and gather before a survival situation presents itself.

There are so many survival manuals out there you could keep reading for a year and not touch half of them. Firstly, I am not saying that they are wrong or that you do not need to read them. I think the opposite is exact. You should read a lot of them.

Every manual you read will not be 100% useful information. My concept is taking what I need from each manual I read and make an entire book of only the information that I need.

Basic survival information is the same from book to book. That is the categories of information that I insist on learning. Those basics are what should be second nature to each person, and if they are not, I suggest you make them second nature.

Edible Plants.

This is the first category that I gather information from. I locate plants in my area that are edible and log them in my own manual. This requires a lot of different steps. You can use books like the “Peterson Field Guides” for your area to verify that the plants you are logging into your own manual are edible. Then I take a photograph of the plant and note its location.

I keep doing this for any and all plants that I know to be edible but, I might forget about. The common ones that are clearly edible I do not bother to log down. I only log the plants that are edible but, not evidently so.


This category is vast. Things that I write down are the location I see specific types of animals while I am in the woods. Other things are designs and plans for traps and hunting methods. Once you know where the animals are in your area and how to get them, then you can keep your family fed.


This is a huge benefit. Firstly, I note on a map where I find water sources that can be of any uses. This can be for drinking water or the location of fish and water game. Maps are essential to most of these steps. You can print out or purchase maps of the local waterways. This can provide you with transportation means if you live in an area that has enough waterways to take you somewhere.

Shelter & Construction Methods.

This is a broad category. It can be anything from building survival shelter if you are stuck out in the woods to methods of making semi-permanent living quarters. Other items of usefulness and need are in this category. Electronics, solar systems, chemical and medical (Drugs) is just some of the things in this category that I pay attention to.

No matter what the information is, gather it. Read anything and everything you can get your hands on. Then you can decide what information you need to collect and save.

Here is the basic Information, You decide the outcome!

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