2019 reading challenge 100 free visuals

Here is the next installment of the 2019 reading challenge. Today I want to look at “100 free visuals. 100+ free tools to create visuals for the web and social media: 2019 free online tools book 1.” by Anita Nipane. It was published on April 16, 2017. It is available through kindle unlimited. The great thing about Unlimited is you can borrow and read a book before you decide if you want to buy it. The book is only 44 pages long do, you will read through it quickly. If you are anything like me, you will want to buy the book to keep it in your collection permanently.

This book is not a long howto manual filled with a ton of information that you do not need. The author gets straight to the point and skips useless information.

Nipane starts with a section on where to get royalty free images for both personal and commercial uses. She covers almost 50 sites to get these images. Nipane then goes into better places to edit and mod these images. From creating quite images for social media to creating web banners she has a site for nearly any purpose.

This book has a lot for a budding author. Especially if you are trying to run your own business, she lists sites to help you make mock book covers. Nipane goes into a nearly complete guide to business visuals, infographics, screenshots, and screencasts. All of these things can be very helpful to your business.

I know “100 free visuals” has earned its spot in my Kindle library. It would help if you went to check it out. Kindle Unlimited is only a small 10 dollar fee a month, and you get access to a whole wide selection of books for you to choose. You can only borrow ten at a time but, you can acquire more by simply returning some you borrowed.

Here is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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