A 2019 Reading Challenge Book Review: How to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

How to stop living paycheck to paycheck. A proven path to money mastery in only fifteen minutes a week.” by Avery Breyer is a 116-page book about a money management system. The author has a well written and easy to read and understand writing style.

Sadly, this book was a huge letdown. It took me quite a bit longer to get into reading this book. The author doesn’t get to the meat of her money management system.

Breyer’s system does have merit once she gets down to explaining it. This genre of books is full of authors spending half or more of the book explaining what you are doing wrong or what not to do rather than just getting to the point of their system.

Money management systems, like most books in the self-help genre of ebooks, are all connected to the authors business plan. Meaning the author’s call to action in the book drives you to purchase something else from them.

Breyer’s book is geared entirely toward her money management app. The author explains the entire system in that regard. This system is an excellent thing if an app is what you are looking for but, for me, I am not.

Sadly I could only give this book one star. There is just too much useless writing involved in this book. I wish the author would go into more detail. The system Breyer explains is highly simplistic and useable by everyone if the author would explain it outside of the app.

Here is the basic information, you decide the outcome.

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