A 2019 Reading Challenge Book Review. “Outdoor Safety & Survival” By. Paul H. Risk. Personal Survival Kit.

We have talked about our everyday carry setup. This article is about a  system displayed in Paul H. Risk’s book “Outdoor Safety and Survival.” This book is a well-written book that came out in 1983. I have not got any information about the author. Granted, I searched google, and that was it. I like going into a book not knowing about an author.

Risk details an entire survival mindset and things you need to do to survive. Towards the end of the book Risk details different tiers of survival kits (Risk, 294)  

Here I want to feature type one and type two (Risk, 305-306). These are both pocket kits. Type one is the basic level, and type two is additions on the basic level. This pocket kit should be the very minimum that you carry on you. I think this is a simple system that every person can carry daily.

Type one: (Risk, 305)


Fire patches. (Tinder Quick)



Water purification tablets.


Dental floss.

Type two: (Risk, 305)


Signal mirror.

Plastic bags.

The first thing anyone is going to notice is the lack of a cutting tool. This lack of a cutting tool is a good thing and a bad thing. You should always have a cutting tool in your EDC. This kit is an addition to your typical EDC and can give you more capability. You can also give this type of kit out to people that do not normally carry survival items with them. Children that know how to use things like this properly are great candidates.

The whistle is an excellent addition because it can be heard in an emergency long before your voice can. Kids should always have a whistle on them when you are out in the wilderness. Teach them audible signals and what to do if they become disoriented or lost.

Fire patches and matches are the basics of starting any fire. You could swap this item for any that would fit in their place but, do the same job. For instance, using Tinder Quick tabs and a Ferro rod are a suitable substitution. Fire patches are a simple combination of wax and gun patches. They are not popular anymore. Since this book was written in the 1980s, some of these items might be outdated and need replacements. Matches are still a viable option to start a fire although not as prevalent matchbooks can yet be found and bought.  

Needles and dental floss are the next two useful items. You can use them to sew fabrics, and dental floss is strong enough even to help construct a shelter if the need arises. I do not suggest trying to stitch up a wound with these items although, if it is the only option you have then that is a choice you will have to make.

Water purification tablets are essential to procuring clean water. Sadly, you do not need to carry a container with you. Humans have left enough trash around the planet that a useable bottle should be able to be found anywhere you are.

You can locate plastic bags in several sizes and shapes. These can be a whirl pack 1-liter water container or a simple sandwich bag. You can carry and purify water with them, and the tablets above or you can use these to collect water from plants.

You can find a signal mirror in several sizes. They are great for daytime signaling of people at a great distance. Mirrors also aide in the hygiene and medical sides to check areas of your body that you can’t see with your naked eyes.

If everyone likes this series, I will continue it with the other portions of Risk’s survival kits.

Here is the Basic Information. You decide the Outcome!

Risk, Paul H. (1983) Outdoor Safety and Survival New York, NY. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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