Random Everyday Carry Items that can help you.

What we carry with us when we leave our homes can quickly turn into everything we own. Disasters happen at the worst times possible. Here are some items that you can carry with you that might help out if a disaster strikes.

USB Stick, SD/micro SD card.

These items have many uses if you work with computers daily. Businesses giving information out to customers, computer repair techs carrying software, or regular people passing files to each other are just some ways that these items can come in handy in a typical day. Information storing devices like these can save lots if critical information you might need in a disaster.

Deeds to property, identification and medical records, schooling, and loan information are just the start of things you could need. Keeping critical information secured in a flash memory device that you can access can save you a lot of trouble if you can not return to your home to get the originals.

Cash and precious metals.

Cash will still have value even if the entire grid goes down, at least at first. In a blackout, you will always find places that can buy and sell items for cash. If you find yourself in line at your favorite coffee house but then realize you left your wallet and cards at home cash carried in, you can get you through until you get back home.

Gold and silver are items that would not have many uses daily, but, the advantage of them is that they hold their value. Your car breaks down, and you need cash quickly to fix it, gold and silver can be sold in almost any major city. Even after a major disaster, you might also find people still willing to barter for items you need with gold and silver.


Bic lighters are worth their weight in your pocket or bag. During wartimes and disasters, many people have reported if you had something as simple as a bic lighter you could trade for anything you needed.

Lighter can be used regularly as well as after a disaster. Even if you are hiking the forest, a lighter can help you start a fire to maintain your core body temperature. Why try to start a fire by more laborious methods when a bic lighter will work 99% of the time.

Here are just some random items that might get you thinking about what to carry with you. Like always, I can hope what I say does not teach as much as it gets you thinking. Research for yourself and make an informed decision.

Here is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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