2019 Mid Year Reading Challenge Assessment.

2019 is almost halfway over. Time has come to assess how we are all doing on our goals. Halfway through the year is the perfect time to look through the last six months and see if you are on track to meet your goals.

Goals morph and change as we grow. If our goals do not change as we grow then we need to assess what our goals are. Growth can affect our personal and professional lives. Growth could also mean changes in how we can do things.

When I look at questioning my goals I want to know how far I have progressed. I do not limit myself to strict goals and leave no room for adaptation. Beginning this year I had a list of over 30 books to start my reading challenge with. My goal was 100 books read by the end of the year.

Somewhere along the way, I diverged from that list. That is not to say I stopped reading, what I am reading changed as new books came to my attention. I have now adapted my list to get through those 30 books, only I will be reading them during the second half of the year.

I am currently at 52 books read for the year. Only five of them came from my starting list. Do I have to ask where did I diverge?

Starting in 2019 my list was personal. It was strictly a challenge that I sat for myself. Then I decided to start my website and blog to share my thoughts. That is the moment when my list morphed.

I am still very much on track to reach my reading goals by the end of the year. In fact, if my current rate keeps up I will surpass my goals.

Writing goals.

Writing goals are subjective. You can pound words out and force them into the page with ease once you are started but, some many more factors dictate if that book is ready to hit the market. Waiting on editors to get done with their parts, deciding how to publish it, and editing chapters on your own are all items I did not completely think about.

As far as word counts go I reach those daily. Inspiration to stay on the same book or novel is hard for me. Different stories come to me at different times of the day. If I am to maintain course and publish my novel on my time frame, discipline is one thing I must work on.

Discipline is only one part of life. Having a family and kids is chaotic at the best of times. Doctor appointments, school functions, and summer vacations all hamper our ability to sit and write undisturbed.

Coming from the mindset of a freelance writer and trying to bust into the novel writing field means a complete change in habits and mindsets.

As a  freelance writer, my parameters are clearly defined. When a job needs to be done and to what specifications the customer wants the article are clear cut. Writing for a novel is harder because the parameters are not there. I make the choices so, I find that I change them without a warrant. This is the perfect example of where proper discipline is paramount.

Keys to getting back on track and staying there.

Make concrete goals and keep them.

Concrete goals are the largest difference between freelance writing and novel writing. Write the goals down in a document or a book and stick to them. Do not change them when you fill that you need to. Change them only as a last resort. If a change must happen,  change things in your life to fulfill your goals. Do not change your goals to fit your life.

Keep the good things in mind.

Goals and situations always change but, that is not always a bad thing. I did not get the list I wanted to be read completed in the time that I wanted it to be completed. The great thing to keep in mind is, I did get to the number of books read that I wanted. Accomplishing smaller milestones that will lead you to the goals that you have set or yourself is something worth celebrating.

Always strive to move forward.

Becoming complacent is not acceptable. You always need to move forward towards your results. The path that you take to get there might change over time. The purpose is to get to the finish line. Your journey to get there is part of the fun. Always strive to write the next sentence or edit the next paragraph. Instead of watching television pick up that book you have been meaning to finish. There are many methods to get you to the finish line all you have to do is keep walking forward.

Here is the basic information, You decide the outcome!

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