Everyday Carry July 2021

Here I thought I would update everyone on my current everyday carry setup for the summer of 2021. Any time we want to talk about an EDC setup I have to mention, everyone has different needs and their EDC will be different. The same item you might find useful might not be the same item that I find useful. 


Clothing is the first thing that we need to talk about. As simple as this should be, many people leave the house without the proper attire. Many people have a dress code that they have to abide by. In this case you really should carry an extra set of comfortable season appropriate clothing with you. Make sure you can walk comfortably and do so in the temperatures that you might find in your area. 

If you do not have a strict dress code to follow then make sure you pay attention to the weather and what extremes that you might find. Something as simple as bringing a jacket with you can be a life saver in a downpour. Dressing in layers is always a good idea. You can always take layers off or put them back on as the day warms and cools. 

Cache Belt. 

A simple clothing item that has become a staple of my wardrobe and of my EDC system. There are many different ones out there that can provide you with various functions. I choose one that has a zippered compartment to hold items in. They are much cheaper on your wallet then other designs and they will hold up for years. They also serve the function of a gun belt nicely. That way if you are a CCW holder you get two for the price of one.

Inside my cache belt is a bare bones survival kit. Two ways to start a fire, matches and a ferro rod. Water purification tablets and a 1 liter whirl pak water bag. Cordage in the form of #36 bankline, monofilament fishing line, and braided fishing line. Several needles to pair with the cordage. Lastly is a small fishing kit. 


A good bandanna is an essential  item to have with you. It can handle things like cleanup ,medical issues, and even survival uses. I prefer mine to be 24”x24” but they are harder to come by then the standard 12”x12”. Either size is useful. I just choose to have more to work with. When I carry the smaller size I carry two of them. 

Smart Phone. 

In this modern age nearly everyone has a phone with them. Besides playing music  and games your phone can do so much more for you. Downloading maps to be used without cell service is the first thing I do for any area that I am going to operate in. I keep them in both a PDF format and in a separate app like Google Maps or one of the many others.  

You can also store large amounts of information in your phone. I keep PDF copies of many books and reference material that I might want to have access to. I also am a huge fan of the Kindle app. Since I read at a faster pace and want to have multiple books with me, this is a way I can manage all of that in a small package. I still love to have a full book with me but, in my daily life that is not always possible.


It is becoming more popular today to have a small wallet that will barely hold two or the bills and a credit card. I think this is a very bad idea. Man or woman, your wallet is a great place to store gear. Anything from emergency lock picks, water purification tablets, a small credit card style knife, Fresnel lens, compass, fishing kits, matches, ferro rod and even emergency tinder. The possibilities are endless. 

Paul H. Risk wrote “Outdoor Safety and Survival.”  He has a complete section in it about a wallet survival kit. It is a great place to start selecting gear and ideas to add to your own. 

Swiss Army Knife. 

I have taken to carrying a SAK Huntsman. I like the versatility that it offers in a package small enough to be carried easily. I also like that I can pair it with a larger knife or multi tool when I feel the need arises, but it is also small and light enough to be carried during the summer when I am wearing shorts and loose fitting clothing. 

Leatherman Surge. 

Anyone that has been looking at the EDC community knows the versatility of a good Leatherman tool.  I choose one that is large enough to handle most daily jobs but also has enough functions to perform well in the wilderness or urban settings I might find myself in. 

Olight I5T EOS or I3T EOS

I float between these to great Olight flashlights. I like them because of the common battery sizes and the size. They have a good beam while still being easily carried and used. 


I carry other items as I need or want them .Lock picks are a standard for me but not everyone can legally carry them. A butane lighter and ferro rod can always be found somewhere on my person. Lastly, is a pen. I have several I choose between but, normally they are all from Zebra. 

Everyday Carry is not the same from person to person. It is not even the same every time you leave the house. Different situations or different destinations will require you to change and modify what you are carrying. These items I have mentioned here are my baseline. I rarely leave the house without all of them on my person. 

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