Survive!: Essential skills & Tactics to get you out of anywhere- Alive. Book Review.

    Les Stroud is a common household name in most areas. If you have ever watched anything related to survival on the internet or television odds are you have watched or heard of him. Filmmaker, survival expert, musician, guide, and television host are just some of the accomplishments Stroud has to his credit. Stroud even puts out free content on his youtube channel. This isn’t him pushing over priced gear like a lot of the other so called survival experts most of what he puts out is full length episodes. 

Les Stroud really came into his fame with his hit series Survivorman. People have watched and rewatched this hit series for years. It is here that you get to see the actual skills of being a filmmaker and survival expert rolled into one. He does the job of both in this series. A camera crew films him leaving, then they monitor him from another location only coming to his aid if there are life threatening circumstances. He is left alone to film his survival ordeal and teach the viewers at the same time. 

This is in stark contrast to other “experts” that only have the experience of working with a film crew. They do not have to film themselves. They only have to walk around and play nice for the camera. Now, i have said all of that to say this, Les stroud has poured that same knowledge into his book Survive!: Essential skills & Tactics to get you out of anywhere- Alive. 

Originally published in 2008 Survive!: Essential skills & Tactics to get you out of anywhere- Alive is available nearly anywhere books are sold. It is even available through the kindle unlimited program. I love this fact. Stroud’s philosophy inside the book is in stark contrast to a lot of other experts. 

One point of difference Stroud mentions in his book is drinking untreated water or eating snow to stay alive. Many experts will tell you to never do this. Stroud makes a better point. If you have to choose between drinking untreated water or dying of dehydration then you should drink the water. Eating snow is equally as controversial. Stroud makes an awesome point that if you are up and moving your body temperature will be going up anyway. Eating snow slowly throughout the day will help regulate your core temperature and assure that you do not get overheated. 

Another bone of contention is making a survival shelter. Stroud’s method is to build a bed and then a shelter around it. Many experts teach to make the overhead cover first and then build a bed inside it. 

Stroud’s words in the book are commonplace language and terms. He rarely lapses into expert-like terms that need to be further explained. Many survival experts take pride in falling for this trap. They have to explain their explanation in their own books. Many experts even fall into the trap of changing the language inside their books to match the market. Just so that they can attract and sell more books. 

If I were forced to choose just one of the many survival books I own, this is definitely a contender. Easily read and understood this book can teach you the basics as long as you get out into the wilderness and practice the knowledge within it. 

There is the basics, You decide the outcome!

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