Everyday Carry Tool Kit

When anyone is beginning to decide their ideal everyday carry system there are several things to consider. Weight, size, and space are the first three things I look at. There are other things to consider but, we are going to look at those first. I have eternally been on the struggle to find a system that I can carry in my pocket but would also give me the most capability if that is what I had to use when the time comes that I need it. I don’t always mean a survival situation. It could be a day hike and a piece of gear breaks. You could be swimming at the lake with family and friends  and forget an item that is critically needed. Obviously you can’t carry everything in your pockets. You can carry a few items to approach most situations. 

That is where I came up with my EDC tool kit.The first thing I wanted was items that would be useful in an everyday situation but would also double as useful items in a survival situation.

My second criteria was the items had to complement items I already carry. I wanted to expand on my capability not make a kit with a lot of redundancy although there is plenty of that in this tool kit too. 

My third and final criteria was it had to all be pocket friendly. Meaning as lightweight and easy to carry as I could manage given the items and capability that I wanted the kit to have. 

  1. Gerber Dime. While I normally have a full sized multi-tool in my pocket and I always carry my swiss army knife I like the size and capability of having a small multi-tool that has both a good set of pliers and a pair of wire cutters. The Dime is usually used in crafting scenarios or taking hot items on and off a stove or fire. 
  2. Zebra stylus telescoping pen. Being a freelance writer I am always in need of a pen. Normally I have at least two on me and this model is one. I like the function of a stylus because I normally have a notebook and my phone that I am operating at the same time. 
  3. Mini Bic Lighter. The uses of this item should be self-evident. I love to carry several means of making a fire on my person. Normally I spread them between different pockets and kits. 
  4. Wooden Matches. What can I say about matches? They have been used to start fires long before the ferro rod. They still work for this purpose and many people today in colder climates carry them instead of a butane lighter. I like having redundancy and this is an item I will gladly allow to take up space. 
  5. P-38. This is a standard military can opener. It is small, lightweight and multi functional. Yes my Swiss Army Knife already has a can opener but, this takes up hardly no room and weight so it stays.
  6. Folded Index Card. Here is a ready form of tinder or just someplace to write out an idea if I need one. It has enough uses that I have always carried paper somewhere on me. Paired with the zebra pen it has been used many times. 
  7. Aluminum Foil. Here is about two feet of folded up heavy duty foil. This has so many reasons to carry it. I can’t go into them in this article. 
  8. Aqua tabs x10. Water purification tablets that are lightweight, reliable, and so useful why would any survivalist not carry them on their person? Clean drinking water is so vital and can make a situation go from survival to an inconvenient camping trip easily. 
  9. Diamond/Ceramic Sharpening stone and leather strop. In my family there aren’t many of us left that really sharpen a blade. I am one of the few left. I still prefer to hand sharpen anything I have. With these two I can keep my blade field sharp easily. 
  10. Leather Front pocket Wallet. This is the container I already chose to keep the items in. Some items do get switched around if I find I am not using them but, usually this is the load out that I have in it. 

Here is the basic information! You decide the outcome. 

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