Sparrows Mace Picks Review

Lock picking is a skill that I think anyone in the preparedness community needs to learn. Sure there are other ways of getting through a lock but, many of them are expensive, time consuming, or just plain loud and destructive. If you could get through a lock in mere minutes and leave the lock undamaged that would be better. 

Now the bad thing is that it takes a lot of practice and patience. Normally people will practice on a regular basis. Some will even devote hours a day to the practice of lock sporting. Which is by definition the legal sport of lock picking. 

Many people choose to carry lock picks in their everyday carry setup. Sparrows makes a great set that is very compact but, yet still usable. They are called the sparrows mace picks. 

The first set retails for about $12 plus the cost of shipping. It comes with 1 hook pick, 1 triple peak rake, and 6 tension wrenches. The tension tools are the same design that sparrows sell with most of their kits. Each of the mace picks also has a tension tool on the opposite end. Meaning you can pick with one tool and tension with the other. 

The mace expansion set gives you more tools. It offers a worm rake, a twin peak rake, and a mace bar. I like the mace bar most of all. This gives the entire set a top of the key way tension option. The two rakes in the expansion set are also well made and very useful for tight key ways. The expansion set also goes for $12 plus the cost of shipping. 

The final set is the mace 3 set and retails for the same price $12 plus the cost of shipping. You get a vehicle wafer pick in .025”, a shank pick or traditional paw pick in .025”, and a handcuff shim in .015”. This set is the least useful to me. I like the paw pick for decoding purposes but, other than that one I do not use this set very often.  

Sparrows makes all of their kits out of high quality stainless steel. These three kits have held up over several years of daily carry for me and have opened many door locks for me. I have no issues trying to rely on them even today. 

Now these lock picks have some cons. You really need to practice with them .The feedback they give is not like full size lock picking kits. Gripping them can also be a pain in the fingers. If you get into picking a very tight key way where you need to get past heavy warding these might not make it. They are on the thicker side around .025”. If you can get past these few downfalls though, the sparrows mace picks are a great asset to have in your everyday carry setup. 

Please check all local laws about owning and carrying lock picks before purchasing or carrying lock picks. Please only pick locks you own and never pick locks that are in use. Help us keep the sport legal and safe! 

Here is the basic information! You decide the outcome! 

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