Everyday Carry Bag Dump July 2021

The concept of an everyday carry bag is nothing new. It can give you an extended capability to the gear that you have in your pockets or on your person. It can also give you the option of carrying larger pieces of gear. Ideally your EDC bag would allow you to operate without looking for resupply for anywhere from 12-24 hours. This means you need to have enough gear and consumables to last you that long. 

I am going to list out the gear that I carry in mine and list the reasonings for such gear. 


  • Rat tourniquet, 3×4 gauze pads, 5×9 ABD pad, Compressed gauze, Triangle Bandage, rolled gauze, nitrile gloves, 2 n-95 masks, Compressed towels, earplugs, comb, dental floss, fingernail clippers, 1 day of my daily meds, large bandaids, knuckle band aids, pain relievers, medi-lyte tablets, mylar blanket. 

My medical kit is enough to deal with most common daily bumps and bruises. Along with enough to handle an emergency if it pops up. I add in daily things like the meds I take daily, and some limited hygiene items. 


  • Liquid soap, hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves. 

Shelter Construction and Tools. 

  • Silky pocket boy, BPS full tang fixed blade knife, buck 110+ lite, Multi-tool, paracord, bankline, don’t die in the woods mylar blanket, Swiss Army Knife (with a lock blade).

    With these few items I have the option of making numerous shelters to protect from the elements. I can also use them to help medical issues like hypothermia and shock. The tools themselves I use on a daily basis from work around the yard, mine or other people’s, and general woods tasks. 


  • Petzl E-lite, spare AA and AAA batteries, charging cords for android phones, spare SD cards. 

    These are the very few items that I keep for my electronics. I do have a power bank that can charge my electronics but, I do not keep it in here all of the time therefore I do not count it here. 

    Food, Water, Emergency.

  • Esbit emergency stove with 4 fuel tablets, snacks, brew kit, metal cup, Altoids water kit, glucose tablets. 

    These are the items that stay in my haversack all of the time. I also supplement it with various premade food packs if I am going out of town. I keep these at home and pre-made them. They are readily attachable to my haversack. 


  • Sylva Ranger compass, Pepper spray, change purse, .5”x5” ferro rod, Monocular, bandanna, bic lighter with exotac fire sleeve, sewing survival kit, match case with extra extra strikers and kitchen matches, tinder box with man made tinder and 6x magnifier lens, waxed cotton tinder in round dip can. 

    These make up the rest of my haversack. Most of them earned their place because I needed them at some point in time in the past. Not everything is strictly survival related. Some of the items are here because of comfort or daily ease of carry. Also I have left off items on this list that float in and out. Items like my traveler’s notebook, solar battery charger, radios, or weapons. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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