Get Home Bag: The Hurricane Kit.

The get-home bag is a concept we have already discussed here on this site. I’ll link that article here if you want to click over and read it first. Some of the information I am going to refer to again and other points I am going to be mentioning for the first time. 

Let’s start with why I am even coming back to this. Well, that answer is a simple one, there is more than one type of a Get Home Bag. The first type has already been broached on. It is a bag that can be carried every day, lightweight, and for a short duration. 

The second type of kit is a more stationary one. It has heavier components and more capability. This is the type of bag I will be talking about. 

Some history before we get started. As a stay-at-home dad, I watch my wife leave every morning for work. Sometimes she is gone a day but, other times she can be gone for multiple days. This is especially the case during hurricane season. My wife has the joy of working for a traffic control company who among other client’s works with the local and national power companies. 

She needed a bag that can ride in her SUV and stay there. She doesn’t need this bag year-round only when she is forced to travel outside of our local area. My wife also has access to other materials in her car so some things might not be listed in this nag that you expect to be in it. 

Here is that list. 

  • Sawyer mini water filter
  • Stanley metal cook pot
  • Iso butane stove
  • Poncho and poncho liner
  • 3 -6 meals ready to eat
  • Snacks
  • 7-10 days or her daily meds
  • Trauma medical kit
  • Boo-boo medical kit
  • Fire starting kit including Ferro rod, matches, Bic lighter, man-made tinder
  • 40 ounce Kleen canteen
  • Sewing and repair kit. 
  • Headlamp
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Belt knife and saw
  • One extra change of clothing.

You will notice that the list does not include water. That is because she carries water with her. There are other resources that she has access to. She already carries food daily. My wife also has the everyday carry bag that is always with her.

Another thing that should be easily noticeable is that there are no heavy shelter components in this bag. In her travels, she always has access to her car, hotels, and staging sites. Which provides multiple resources that she can utilize.

Knowledge and skill set are other factors when setting up a bag like this. Her skills are not up to the same level that I would build a bag for myself so, I would not pack the same gear. These items she is familiar with and knows how to use. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome! 

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