Altoids Brew Kit.

In this article, I thought I would showcase something I have carried in one form or another for years. My Altoids brew kit. 

It is not a traditional brew kit in that there is no way to heat and boil water. It simply is an awesome idea to carry the necessary foodstuff with you and not get damaged. 

This idea started when I would camp and fish during the colder months of the year. I always hated plastic bags of coffee, tea, and sugar in my pack. I went through many tins and holders and finally settled on this. It is compact and you barely know it’s there. Combine the simple Altoids tin with a metal cup and a small compact stove, I use the Esbit emergency stove, and you have a brew kit that is ready to go anywhere at any time. 


  • Instant coffee
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Teabags
  • Chicken stock cubes

This is a simple setup. I do not use much sugar and creamer in my coffee or tea so, this is plenty for my tastes. Recently though, due to my blood pressure I have switched to a chicken stock powder called Herb Ox. It has the same taste and none of the sodium that is found in the regular chicken or beef bouillon. The reason I like carrying bouillon in my kit is for the cold winter nights when I need extra fire in my stomach to fuel my internal furnace. It also has the advantage that you can flavor rice or pasta dishes with it. I often carry a small vacuum sealed portion of rice in my bags as an emergency meal just in the event that I am out longer than I planned to be. 

I like this concept because it can be scaled up or down depending on how long you plan on being out. An Altoids tin is good for one or two nights for me but, any longer and I will go with something that has more volume. 

Here is another option that I still carry. It is not held in a tin of any sort. It is actually an old notebook holder. I have enough in here for several more days beyond the Altoids version. This one also has the advantage of being my spice kit as well. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome! 

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