Alps Outdoorz Little Bear Lumbar Pack. A first look.

I have searched for many years and never found one gear hauling system that would meet all of my needs in one go. I have wanted an adaptable system that could seamlessly go from fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, scouting, and general preparedness. I think I have found a good candidate for those criteria. 

The Alps Outdoorz Little Bear Lumbar pack is a versatile fanny pack that is made for the outdoors person in mind. The pack weighs in at 1lb 9oz. It is not what anyone would consider ultralight. The dimensions are 13″x9″x6″ and coming in at 8 liters or 500 cubic inches. There is enough room for a day pack, hunting, or fishing trip all on its own. 

The feature I enjoy most is the Little bear comes with a detachable shoulder harness. This system comes in handy with a lumbar pack. You can distribute the weight better and it doesn’t tend to pull away from your back as badly. 

The fabric is a brushed Realtree AP HD and should go great with other hunting clothes you might already own. The zippers have large pulls on them to accommodate gloves or colder temperatures that might lower your dexterity. 

The little bear features two main compartments and two side pouches. The water bottle pouch is large enough to fit a Stanley adventure series water bottle and the other side pouch is the right side for a radio or a GPS. On mine, I carry my fire kit handy in this pouch. The main compartment is large enough for a small cook pot, food, tackle, rope, tools, and more. 

The next feature is a detachable waist strap. Meaning you could carry the little bear by itself with no straps attached. I like this feature for both storage and transport concerns. Being able to remove the harness and belt and store the entire setup, without removing any of the gear, into a dry bag for transporting it is a great idea. Not to mention, it makes one unto that can tackle many jobs. The Little Bear can become a day bag for a trip to the city if you wish. 

Here is the best part. Also outdoors makes attachable pockets that can expand the capability of the entire system. The turkey call pockets and game bag are of particular interest to me. They also make a camera pocket and a binocular pocket although I have not been able to find the camera pocket for sale anywhere. 

This brings me to the price tag. You can currently find the bag on Amazon for $53 with prime shipping. It is cheaper in other places but after the shipping costs, I paid more than I would have on Amazon. 

This brings me to my final thoughts. I like the bag. I especially like how versatile it is and how adaptable I can make it. I will be doing more articles on this in the future when I begin a full load out on the little bear. I have many projects in mind to adapt this system further then what the manufacturer has planned it for. If everything works out then it should become an all-in-one system for most of your outdoor needs. Please check back at a later date to see updates about this ongoing project.

There’s the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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