TV/YouTube Survival versus Real World Survival

Many times as a stay at home dad we have to begin to find things to keep our kids interested and hopefully attracted to staying prepared. This is a huge rabbit hole that can suck many of us down into the depths of darkness. Entertainment can be had even in the survival and preparedness world if you teach your children what is entertainment and what is real world survival. 

Let’s start off by mentioning the dead elephant in the room. Walking out into the unknown regions of the world in your birthday suite with nothing but a knife is entertainment. Nothing more. The odds that this particular situation would ever come up are about even with getting hit by an asteroid. That is not to say you can’t watch a survival show and take away good solid information from it. 

Teach your children outside the computers and TV. If your child is a visual learner TV or a YouTube can be a great tool to get their mind on the same page you need them on. Maybe you are teaching them to leave no trace or maybe they are learning fire making. Using videos can be a teaching asset. In the end though,  you have to get outside and use some hands-on experience to teach them. 

Survivability versus inconvenient camping is another concept even the so called YouTube experts often forget to mention. A lot of people talk about packs and bags and kits that can be carried in them. This is a horrible mindset to get into when you talk about the wilderness or other outdoor activities. 

Layer Your Gear.

Do not rely on a backpack or a bag of any kind. You can leave a bag behind at a restroom. Items can be lost or stolen, any number of things can happen. Carry things on your person, keep items in your pockets, or on things like necklaces and lanyards. 

Knowledge is always your first layer. Learn the skills you and your family need before you are in a bad situation. When you do get into a bad situation you will be prepared. 

Having the proper gear attached to or in your pockets can mean the difference of life and death. 

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