Hiking Cook Kit Breakdown

Hiking is something my son and I love to do. Usually we are out most of the day even if it is just a simple short hike. We enjoy the outdoors and take out time when we go hiking. I always have a hiking cook kit with me when I go. Even if I do not plan on cooking a meal I consider this one of the first hiking essentials that go into my pack. This is not the entire contents of my hiking pack, just the cook kit that it holds. 

Nalgene 1 quart Canteen. 

Here I have opted to save some weight and go with a plastic Nalgene canteen. It is clear which allows me to view the amount of water left. It is not the only container I carry hiking but, it is the container that stays with my cook kit. I do not worry about boiling water with it. I carry a water filter and water purification tablets should the need to resupply water come about. 

2 Piece Titanium Mess Kit with lid. 

I chose titanium for the nesting cups to shave a little weight. This is a two piece design very similar to the USGI style canteen and nesting cup. I like this design because it is the perfect size for a meal for me. It also has the benefit of having a second cup to drink out of, make coffee or tea, or I even have fried meat in it. 

Isobutane Stove. (Pocket Rocket) 

Anyone into backpacking will know what these types of stoves are. They are a dime a dozen from any number of companies both in the USA and made in china. They serve their purpose, which is to cook food. They can run hot sometimes so, if you choose to use one like this i recommend using the lowest flame setting possible to prevent scorching your food or damaging your mess kit. 

Esbit Folding Emergency Stove. 

This is a very simple folding stove that uses solid fuel. One single tablet is not always enough to cook an entire meal but, it is usually enough to heat water for a hot drink or make a store bought freeze dried meal. These are lightweight enough that I carry it in addition to my pocket rocket. It is nice to be cooking food on one and making coffee or tea on the other. I also carry 8x14g Esbit fuel tablets. 4 i carry in the stove and another 4 i carry in the emergency kit. 

Lixada Folding Stove and Alcohol Burner

This is an item that is not always in my hiking backpack. I mention it here because it takes the place of my Pocket Rocket enough that I consider it a part of the pack. The Lixada being my only stove of this type, it floats between several packs and kits. It is not a permanent part of any of them, only supplemental gear that way I am not robbing from one kit only to come back and use it and find my gear is not there. That reasoning is why I carry more than one method to cook with. 

Emergency Rations

I always carry a small pouch that has a supply of emergency rations inside it. This way if something were to happen that I am not back at the house by the time i meant to be I have food that my son or I can eat. I keep this in addition to any food and supplies that I am planning on cooking for that day. 

Some suggestions here are ramen noodles, Lipton cups of soup packets, field stripped MRE’s, rice, or an extra freeze dried meal. 

MISC Items that I Keep. 

These are items that pertain to cooking and even survival purposes. They include things to make fire, eat food, or just spice things up. 

  • Ferro Rod
  • Matches in a waterproof match safe
  • Lighter
  • Stainless steel Spork
  • Altoids spice kit
  • Hot Sauce
  • Herb Ox sodium free chicken and beef broth packets
  • 1 small container of dehydrated soup veggies. 
  • Spam
  • Tuna
  • Chicken

This list looks like a lot but most of the items take up little to no space and weight. These miscellaneous items are alway in the pack. I often use them to snack on while hiking or add to a meal to up the calorie and nutrition. 

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