My Personal Lockpicking Set

As with all gear that I tend to carry I prefer a layered approach. This goes for survival and EDC purposes. Lockpicking is no exception to that rule. My approach to carrying lockpicks is to carry multiple sets of picks in different places throughout my EDC system. 

Sparrows Mace Picks. 

I have recently done a full review on these lockpicks. They are very useful and easily carried because of their size. That is also their downfall. They become difficult to use for a protracted length of time because of their lack of a full sized handle. 

H&H Jackknife Lockpick Set. 

Jackknife locking sets have been around for awhile. You don’t get the same feedback through the picks that you do with normal picks but, if you practice, they can be a great tool. I like carrying this set because it has deeper hooks than other sets I own. It lacks some of the rakes that I would prefer, so matching this set with the sparrows mace picks make a perfect set for me. 

Concealable Lockpicks

This set is a very basic set. I like them because they can be concealed on your person if you find yourself in a situation where unlawful detainment is a possibility. The picks are not that great but they do work. 

Sparrows EOD. 

I do carry my modified EOD set as part of my EDC. It does, however, float between my pockets and my EDC bag. I carry the other lockpicks on this list daily. I do carry this set when I am practicing or when the need for a full sized set comes up. 

The last category I carry is multiple use items. Bobby pins, paper clips, hair clips, and binder clips find themselves scattered throughout my EDC layers. These items have many uses from their obvious functions to manufacturing tools on the fly. They can even be of great benefit in a survival situation. Most of them would go unnoticed even if you are searched. 

Lockpicking tools can be spread out over several different layers. Your wallet, your keychains, and even bags and purses. Be sure to check all local laws before you decide what your EDC should be. Please help keep lock sporting legal. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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