Hiking Backpack My loadout & My Thoughts.

Hiking is something that my son and I enjoy doing. I have had an eternal search for a one bag loadout and this is the current one I carry. The gear inside it I have experimented with and built up over years. I will admit I am currently switching my gear loadout over to the Alps little bear but, I do not plan to take this kit apart. It has been refined to the point that I trust it in a number of situations. 

The loadout starts with the Ozark trails hydration backpack with chest strap and belt. It carries well even with the gear that I have in it. I like it because this hiking loadout can be carried by me or my son. I have equipped this pack with a 3 liter hydration bladder. It might seem like a bit much but, if I am out hiking or fishing for a number of hours I like the capacity without having to refill my bladder. 

Next is my hiking cook kit. I won’t go into big detail here in the article because I have written a full breakdown on the hiking cook kit that I carry. 

The core of my hiking backpack is a molle bag that I call my emergency kit. Everything in here is meant to aid me if I am out longer than I expected to be. 

  • Esse altoids style survival kit
  • .7mil 7’x9’ plastic drop cloth
  • Sawyer mini water filter and 1 liter hydration bag
  • Mylar emergency blanket
  • 25+ feet of high visibility 550 survival cord. 

This emergency kit is an item that can be useful day to day in the wilderness or if I am making a shelter or just practicing skills. 

Everything else in the pack is basic equipment. This loadout gear around what i already carry with me. You will not find a large belt knife in it. For instance, when I go hiking I carry a belt knife and multitool on my person. Some of the gear here is upgrades or improvements on what is EDC. 

  • Shemagh
  • Toilet paper
  • Wet Wipes

These items should be self explanatory. When you need to go at least this will help you to stay clean afterward. 

  • First aid kit. 

This is a basic lightweight to medium duty hiking first aid kit. I built it out according to my needs. It can handle most things short of heavy trauma. If that happens I will need medical attention anyway. If there is enough demand I can give a full breakdown on my first aid kit and why I carry the items I do. 

  • Ranger Lighter
  • Ferro Rod with striker
  • Marbles Match Safe
  • Whistle 

This is the basic fire kit I carry in any bag or kit that I make. I do carry other means of making fires on my person but, layering gear on the different tiers of your system means if one fails you are not out of luck. 

  • Baseplate compass with mirror and magnifier 
  • Map of the area I will be in. 

Navigation is essential when you are hiking. Even though most places I go I can operate without a map and compass. I insist on carrying them anyway. 

  • Petzl Zipka with spare batteries. 
  • Petzel Noctilight
  • Left, Right, Center
  • UST survival playing cards

Illumination and entertainment are the last items I carry. Petzl is a great company and the combination of the Zipka and the Noctilight I can have a lantern or headlamp. I can even carry extra batteries and the Noctilight acts as a carrying case for it all making it compact and easy to carry. 

Food is something I always carry but I am not mentioning it here because I have already posted a full breakdown on my hiking cook kit and what kinds of food I carry with it. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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