Food Storage Buckets

We are always looking for new ways to make sure in an emergency that our families are fed and happy. Making a simple food storage bucket is the ideal way to pack a lot of calories into a small space. You could include entrei survival kit with the bucket too but that is a topic for another article.

Long Term Food Buckets .

Long term food storage buckets need to start with some planning. There are several things you need to consider. 

  1. What types of food are you going to store? Store bought rice, beans, and pasta? Buying buckets premade and filled full of food? 
  2. How long will it last? You need to ask this because nothing is worse than needing the food and it all is out of date and rotten. 
  3. How much storage space do I have? You need to decide where these buckets will be stored. They need cool dry conditions to stay in optimal form and a 5 gallon bucket is no small thing.

If you are packing these buckets yourself then decide what foods you will be putting in them. I choose rice, beans, and pastas. These are the three most common foods that my family all likes. It is also food we store and eat daily. What does that mean? That means my emergency food storage is constantly rotating in and out of my kitchen. Nothing stays there for longer than its shelf life before we have eaten it and I have replaced the food in the bucket. 

Longer term storage is still possible. You can buy mylar bags and use them if you have a vacuum sealer. The bag is placed in the bucket filled with whatever contents you are storing. Lastly you seal the bag and you are done. Store the bucket in a cool dry place with its lid on tightly and it should last for the life of the contents you put in it. 

Short Term. 

I keep another type of food storage bucket. This one is not sealed like a long term bucket but, instead it is a month’s food supply meant for my family. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control something always pops up you don’t see coming. That is the purpose of these buckets. Small everyday emergencies that I need a little extra help from. YOu can build these yourself or you can purchase freeze dried meals. I do a combination of the two. I have regular grocery store food mixed with freeze dried meals and MRE’s. This gives me the advantage of being able to use the contents for outdoor activities if I need them. 

There is the basic Information! You decide the outcome!

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