Basics of Survival Cell Phones Part 1:

Cell phones have become a bone of contention among the survival community in recent years. Some think that they are nothing but spying tools and the only way to use them is to throw them out. Others can’t get enough of them. We all know those types of people. The #getoutside & #staydirty posting people but, they are on social media more than a teenager is. We are going to leave all of this here. I will teach you how to use the cell phone to your advantage both as a parent and a prepper. 

Many years ago people would have been thankful for a computer that they could curry in our pockets. Nowadays we have that and people do not take full advantage of it. As preppers and parents we all want to make the most out of our tools. 

Getting Help. 

Payphones have largely fallen off of the maps. Our cell phones now are just about the only way there is to get help. Whether it is calling the police for help, or calling an uber to get you home from a bar. Help is now at the touch of a button. This can be good or bad depending if you want to be found or not?? 

Maps, Directions, Reviews, and Alltrails. 

There are many different map apps that people use. No matter which one you do use, they are a great resource to get you where you need to go. It can also help you to determine where it is safe to go and where it is not safe to go. You can determine this by accessing reviews or customer information on a business or a particular town entirely. Information that before cell phones you had to gather in person. 

Lastly, maps like All Trails are a great resource for hikers or campers. They have hundreds if not thousands of local trails in a lot of areas for you to access. Fully containing descriptions, mileage, and ratings. You can virtually plan your entire hike with just this app. 


We have been in closer contact with the people around us. With modern cell phones you can easily stay in touch with those relatives or friends that live far away from you. You can also connect with like minds around the globe through private sites and social media. This makes the connectivity of the human race closer than we have ever been. Are we truly connected though?


Apps like Kindle, Google, and many more give us access to books. The basics of all knowledge. We can read for ourselves what came before us. We can learn what others are doing and gain the knowledge we need. We also have access to modern news outlets, whichever you choose to listen to, gaining intelligence on a situation that we might be unaware of. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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