Hiking and Survival DIY Mre’s

Food is something that can change being lost in the woods overnight into just an inconvenient camping trip. There is one method to make sure that you always have food on you is to put together your own DIY MRE’s. Yes, you could just go out and buy military MRE’s but, they are expensive and do not taste all that well. Making them for yourself allows you to control what is in it. 

Controlling what you put into your own MRE is the best reason to make them yourself. So, what do you put in your own MRE’s? You can add anything into them you want. Primarily you need to focus on ready to eat meals. There are a ton of items you can purchase straight from the grocery store that can be eaten right out of the package. 


unfrosted strawberry poptarts

One of my favorite things is Poptarts. They come in various flavors and one package nets you around 420 calories. Add in peanut butter and you could add in another 190 calories and another 9 grams of protein. That is a good sized breakfast right there. The best thing is all components are light and easily packed. 


Single serving tuna packages are my go to for camping and hiking so, it would make sense that they found their way into my DIY MRE’s. You can combine them with ready pasta or rice. They both make for a filling meal. If you would rather go lighter for your lunch i usually eat tuna and crackers with mayo. That makes for a light but hearty meal. 


Dinner is the meal of the day that I always eat a larger meal. Two products I love are Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice and Barilla Ready Pasta. Both are great bases for meals. You can add whatever you want to carry. Sauces that you have stocked up on. You really can make anything out of these you want to. The limitation is simply your imagination.

In the end make them and carry them. I normally keep one in my EDC haversack, and my BOBs hold at least three. Each one is built to last 24 hours. I do make and keep a few that are built for single meals .Those are the ones that I usually carry hiking. Normally when I hike I have other food sources with me as well. That is the great thing about a DIY mre. Customize them to fit your tastes. 

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