Traveler’s Notebook for Everyday and Survival.

My Traveler’s notebook is one piece of kit that goes everywhere with me. It is part of my thoughts and my organization. This style of notebook originates from Japan. The Midori company was one of the first to bring out leather bound notebooks with interchangeable inserts. Each insert is a book by itself making the entire notebook multipurpose. 

The Traveler’s notebook I use measures 4.5”x8.75”x1.5” and is in brown leather although mine is not an actual Midori brand. I bought mine many years ago off of Amazon. I use four basic inserts in my own notebook. 

Calendar Insert. 

This is more for tracking my time and planning out my life. This calendar makes it easy to track lots of things like expiration dates on stocked foods, which bag or kit needs to be rotated and examined, and what foods need to be bought and replaced. 

This is also my editorial calendar for my writing world. I track how many articles I need to do each day and for which customer. I also track how many words that I need to write in any larger projects I am writing for. 

Blank Insert. 

I use an insert with blank paper purely as a journal to keep track of things like scouting woods, my day to say life and even survival related items. I love writing and this is where I keep miscellaneous writings and random scribbles as well as thoughts and longer term plans. I use blank paper so I can also draw plans or blueprints in it. My notebooks are a huge messy collection of notes and plans.  

Graph Paper Insert. 

This is strictly my notes section and survival journal. Plants and waterways that I want to keep track of. Grid locations of items or resources that I want to return to. I have even drawn maps in this to cache locations or possible cache locations. 

Standard Lined Insert. 

This is a catch all notebook. Anything gets written here from recipes, to article notes. 

The final items in my Traveler’s notebook are a good map and mapping tools. I keep a map of my state and a map of my local area. I keep various small amounts of tape to keep mementos in my journal. I even keep stamps in here to simply mail a letter if I choose to. 

There is the basic Information! You decide the outcome!

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