Family Oriented Traveling Preparedness Part 2.

In the first installment of Family Travel preparedness we majorly discussed how to create a plan and who to leave it with. We even touched on what information to put in the plan. This is mostly for other people to get in touch with you or your family in case something is going wrong. They can also use it to track your movement in case something happens to you. 

Here is part 2. We will discuss some things that you should be thinking of yourself. For the safety of you and your family but, also so you are compliant with local laws and regulations. 

Stay prepared the legal way. 

Most different places will have different laws and regulations on what you can and can’t carry. This is a major hurdle if you are traveling out of the country but, even here with the USA there are great differences from county to county and state to state. CCW weapon holders have to think of this every time they cross state lines. Is my license legal here? Do I need to secure my firearm? 

Even carrying something as simple as a pocket that might be legal in Texas might get you sent to jail if you show up in NYC with it. You should always research the local laws where you are going to make sure what you carry is legal. Who wants to go on a trip and end up in jail?

Resources, Threats, and Help

You should always keep in mind what resources you are going to have access to at the destination. AAA? Health insurance?? The embassy, should you be traveling outside your home country. This was covered lightly in part 1 but it is so important that in the event of an emergency you are not scrambling for help. 

Threats are another huge thing. Look up crime stats for where you are going. Some websites will even pinpoint the troubling parts of the city down to the street level. That way you can steer your family activities away from there. Natural disasters and weather patterns are another huge thing to keep in mind. You don’t want to end up somewhere on vacation that is in the path of a hurricane or other major storm system. Keep all of these things in mind when planning your next outing. 

Medical considerations.

The last category I want to talk about is your own physical health. I would highly suggest making sure you are in good health before you travel. Speak with your doctor before traveling anywhere outside the country. There are many health considerations in other places on the globe that we here in the USA do not have to think about. 

Many other conditions you will want to watch out for. Diabetics, make sure you have enough supplies to last the trip and more for extras. Some places are harder than others to find the supplies we all need to keep our blood sugar under control. Any other condition where you depend on medicine for your continued survival is in the same boat. 

There is the basic Information! You decide the outcome!

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