Basics of Survival. Cell Phones Part 2.

In part one we explored a lot of the ways that a cell phone was useful in our day to day life. Now, how can a cell phone be useful if there is no signal? There are lots of offline uses for a cell phone. 

One obvious use is the camera itself. It is a great tool for recording what is going on. That could be for scouting purposes or as a record to show people what is happening in the world around you. This can also be a great tool to distract kids. Having them take pictures can sometimes provide a sense of comfort. 

Books and Knowledge. 

There are a lot of ways that books and other media can be stored on your cell phone. The best thing is most of these can be stored here and accessed later even if you do not have a signal for your cell phone. 

Amazon Kindle is a great tool for accessing books all across the globe. If any of your ebooks are downloaded you do not need any further signal to access them at a later date. I take my phone with me camping in many places that do not have cell service just so I can access these downloaded books and relax and read. 

Kindle  is not the only method to accomplish this. You can store the books directly on your phone in PDF format. I store 1 entire SD card that has 27gb of stored books on it. All of the books are stored in PDF format. This means I can access this information from any cell phone or computer that can read PDF format. 

I like the PDF format for other things than books as well. I have Many sections of USGS topographic Quad maps stored on my phone for the entire area that I am normally in. This method would never replace a GPS device but, if you can read a map then you can navigate your way out of trouble with it. 

Prepper Tools. 

Inventory management can be a prepper nightmare. One method that I help solve this problem is maintaining a record system that can be accessed from my phone, tablet, or computer. This is the same system I use for my entire writing business. 

Google docs have come a long way in the past few years. You can keep detailed spreadsheets of your inventory that can be accessed from multiple sources. All you have to do is make sure the device you want to view the spreadsheet on has it marked for offline use and you don’t even need a signal to access it. 

There are other dedicated apps that while you have internet access are great to help preppers log and control their inventory. I am just now exploring some of these. As far as i can tell most of the data can be accessed without a signal but, the apps usefulness goes down hill drastically without cell service. I hope to review several more of these in the future when I have time to properly use them. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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