Spaghetti Made Three ways

Pasta is something that I have always found very easy to take into the wilderness or on a camping trip. In all of that time I have come up with several different ways to enjoy cooking it. Here are three ways that I enjoy cooking spaghetti. 

The first recipe is simple and I usually make it for lunch or a quick dinner. You could put a meat source in it but, to be honest, I normally don’t. I do not put meat in it so I can carry the ingredients for longer. 

  • 1/2 lb pot sized angel hair pasta
  • 1 package dry spaghetti sauce. 
  • Parmesan cheese topping to taste.
  • 1 quart size ziploc freezer bag

Use your canteen cup or small pot to boil the pasta according to how you like it. When done, drain the excess water, reserving some of the pasta water to make the sauce. Next dump the cooked pasta into the freezer bag and add the package of sauce mix. Slowly add the water until it is all mixed up, stirring constantly. You can skip the ziploc bag if you want to have more cleanup. I use it so the mess is contained. 

The next recipe is usually a dinner that I make for myself. It utilizes dried ingredients that I purchase off of amazon. Harmony House makes great dried ingredients that keep well in the long run. 

  • 1/2lb pasta of choice I like using angel hair.
  • Harmony House tomato powder
  • Textured vegetable protein,  TVP or canned/bagged chicken
  • Dried mushrooms
  • Seasonings to taste. 

Start this recipe by soaking the mushrooms and TVP in water half an hour before you begin cooking. Do not discard the water they soak in. This is a great flavor for your sauce. 

Boil the pasta according to your liking. Once you have reached the consistency that you prefer, drain the pasta but reserve some of the water for the sauce. Now add in the tomato powder and the mushroom, tvp mixture, water included, to the pasta. Stir well to incorporate all the flavors together. Here is where you add the seasonings that you want. Lastly if needed add in some of the reserved pasta water until your sauce reaches the consistency you prefer. 

The last recipe I have is usually only used if I am car camping or if I am not walking far to camp. It uses hamburger so be aware you will need a method to keep it cool until being cooked. This makes a good winter time meal where temperatures are already low. 

  • ½-1lb pasta depending on the number of people you are feeding. 
  • 1/2lb-1lb hamburger
  • 2 packs dried spaghetti sauce or if you are car camping feel free to use your favorite canned or jarred sauce. I like to use both. Adding the dried into the jarred sauce as I incorporate all of the flavors together.
  • 1 can diced tomatoes.  
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 large green pepper
  • Italian seasoning
  • Hot sauce
  • 1 medium to large bushpot
  • 2 cups water

Start off by prepping your ingredients. Dice up the veggies into bite size pieces. Brown the meat and add in the onion and pepper at the end. After draining any excess grease combine the pasta sauce, diced tomatoes, seasonings, hotsauce, 1 cup of the water, and the pasta. Bring the mixture back to a boil but keep a close watch. You will need to add more water slowly as the pasta cooks. Once the pasta is done to your liking, serve and enjoy. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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