Six Tips to Keep a Stress Free Working Home Life

One of the hardest things to do is find a balance between work and home life. If you are like me then it’s even harder since most of the work you do is at home. In the end you try to manage hours of the day. How many hours do you spend working? How many hours do you spend with your family? These are questions that have plagued me for a long time.

I am a married father of three kids. I am a freelance writer and run multiple websites with all the social media that are connected. I keep myself really busy. Finding a balance is critical. There are several questions you must ask yourself. One, How much money do you want to make? Two, how successful do you want your job or business to be? Three, what are your short term and long term goals?

Let’s look at the first question. How much money do you want to make? This is a tough question to answer for most people. The normal answer is as much as I can. If you think like this then be prepared for your home and work life to be one in the same but, I believe this decision starts with how much do you need to live comfortably?

Tip number one: Don’t be greedy. You do not have to have millions in the bank to live a happy full life. Take time to slow down and enjoy the things around you. Enjoy the simple things like walking down a sunset beach with your family or playing a board game with your children. Any of these things can help reduce stress while keeping you with a healthy mind set.

Tip number two on the same question counts your time well. Simply put, count how much work it will take to reach your deadline. Divide your time so you can spread it over the long hall and not try to do it all in one night.

I myself had to learn this the hard way. When I became a writer I tried to set and do the entire article all at one time. This is not the right thing to do. Now I break it up sometimes working on several articles at one time. My method of doing this is research first, pre-write second, then final and revision last. Those are the steps I use to keep myself worry free. Choosing one step in a day, or hour depending on my needs keeps me focused and free to stop at any time and pick back up later.

Second question, how successful do you want your job or business to be? In general this question is simple “as successful as I can make it.” Which is a great answer but, you should not have to end up passed out asleep at the computer or office to be successful. Exert self control and you will go a long way. Asking for help is the key. Do not feel ashamed to ask someone for help or if you are running your own business then hiring someone to break up the workload is a great way to reduce stress. Also, don’t forget the ever popular freelancers. Hire them for just when you need them and only for a certain job you need done.

Tip number three, Distribute the workload. Your bottom line might be a little shorter but, hiring some help can greatly reduce the stress of your home life.

Tip number four, Find a hobby. Yes, a hobby is something you do for fun. Like gaming, walks in the evening, swimming or anything else you like. Then involve your family, friends or loved ones make them a part of it just to open up further and connect to them.

Question three, what are your short and long term goals? Be realistic. Do make goals that you are never going to reach.

Tip number five, set your short term goals as stepping stones. Each and every short term goal should add up to your long term goal. This allows you to stop and take a break whenever you reach a short term goal. It does not matter what the reward is, stuff like a favorite restaurant, a night out, or just an hour to sit alone and read a book. Anything can be used to your advantage. This all will help you reduce stress and separate your work and home life.

Tip number six, learn when to say I don’t care. This is not just a politically correct saying taken off movies to help you separate stress causes in your life. For instance when you have had a hard day on your job clock out of work and leave the problems at work. Do not bring it home. If you work at your house open a simple spreadsheet program and label it clock in and out. When you begin working “clock in ” by entering the time then when you stop work “clock out” by entering the time. This works the same way. Leave work at work and do not bring it home.

I hope that some of my experiences here can help someone out there. All of these tips and situations come straight from my life and have helped me out greatly. Everyday I juggle two jobs, a wife and three kids. I have to know how to separate work and home lives.

Lastly, I want to stress that separate work and home lives doesn’t mean that you do not talk about work outside of work. Actually it can provide a great stress relief if you do find someone to talk to, but know when to call it quits and walk away.

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