Looking Back to Go Forward

There have been many personalities in the modern survival community. Some of them have brought new concepts to the table and yet, some of them have taught us ways of survival our grandparents or great grandparents considered normal facts of life. So, which is a better method? 

The truth of the matter is both are correct if given the proper context. Many ways of survival that were commonplace 100 years ago are still valid and usable today. Just because technology advances to the point that something better comes along does not mean that the old ways are of no use anymore. 

Bringing New Concepts to the Table. 

There are times when people that have worked in the survival community come up with new ways of doing something. Lighter materials that can do the same job as heavier older components is one great example that has come about in the last few years. Some survivalists embrace these new ideas and concepts willingly and openly. Others only embrace them when they can get something out of it. Branding their name on a higher priced item you could get for cheaper is a common theme in the survival community. I hate that this is the world we have come to. This is all where knowledge comes into play. 

Looking Back to go Forward

There has been much talk about some of the woodsmen of old. They are even branded as bushcrafters, or people that profess to teach their ways branding it all as bushcraft. This is where your knowledge comes into play. 

Reading is a skill not so talked about in the survival community but it is a skill that should be honed first before any other skill is. By reading what the great outdoorsman tried to teach us one hundred years or more ago we can easily see where a lot of authors are getting the concepts they teach nowadays. I willingly admit that new teaching methods and concepts do come around but in reality they are few and far between. When you boil down survival to the root the same requirements were there 100 years ago that are present now. 

This happens in nearly every field of study but it seems the survival genre is the only one, at least in my research, that is constantly bombarded with something that has been taught for many years but the teacher claims it as “new” and they just discovered it. Odds are this is not the case. What the teacher is trying to do is sell you on an idea that has been around longer than they have. 

So, what was the purpose of this article? Simple answer is, to get you thinking and to get you questioning everything you read. If you need a place to start reading I can help you there. 

There is the basic information! You decide the outcome!

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