Sciatica Techniques to Help

Sciatica is an ever-growing health condition as back problems and general health issues become worse. My experience with this issue started almost 15 years ago.

As with all Sciatica sufferers, there is an underlying condition. Mine started with a burst fracture I suffered in 2000. This has led to years of dealing with various back-related problems.

Now, due to my own faults, I am worse off than when I started. My issues have gotten worse because I kept right along doing my job like I always have. That has now led me to several bulging disks, nerve damage, and other smaller problems.

There is hope though. I have learned several tricks over the years that can help relieve the effects of Sciatica, but causes of sciatica are the real issue.

My cause lies in the hips. As my nerves branch out into the hips I am having muscle spasms clamping on the nerves. This causes pain and weakness down both my legs. Here are several ways to help.

1. Sit, Stand, Walk, or Rest. I have found that changing up the positions that I am in is the best way to relieve some of the stress and pain. Find a position and return to it when you are in pain. This is better done in a quiet setting. You can generally use various meditation techniques to help calm your mind and nerves. This technique is better used when Nerves are the underlying issue.

2. Alternate hot and cold. Cold compresses are always good to help relieve muscle swelling, but I like to alternate a hot compress and then a cold one. I start with a cold ice pack or other cold compress and leave it in place for at least two or three hours. At this point I find it critical to move and walk around.

When I do return to rest, I use a series of moist heat. It is great to start in a bathtub full of hot water. The hotter the water the better it will work.

After the bath gets cold, I will lay down on a flat surface like a bed and use a heating pad. I have found that the heating pads that can be used with a hot moist towel are better suited. 

Lastly, resting and taking care of your back is the best way to avoid further injury. In the end though, light to moderate exercise is one of the best long term plans to staying healthy and fit.

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